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Character Name: Ororo Munroe
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Age: 22
Faction: Staff/X-Men
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Ororo Munroe


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Mar 14 2015, 08:14 AM
Ororo walked calmly through the school, pausing to look inside each room as she did so. She had begun at the most obvious location, the young woman's room but that had turned up empty so she moved on from there. All of the common areas turned up vacant as well. There were others milling around, some conversing, some enjoying a moment of solitude but none of them were the lavender tressed Brit she was searching for.

Storm smiled pleasantly at each person she encountered, engaged in what she had come to know as "small talk" and inquired if they knew the location of the one she sought. The woman was on a mission but it was unlike other missions. This one was much more personal and just as important, in her opinion. She had observed Elizabeth's behavior for a while now, watching as tragedy gripped her soul and left her angry and confused. In many ways, rightly so but 'Ro would be remiss if she did not at least attempt to help the troubled teenager out. She was drawn to the girl and cared about her, just as she did the rest of her newly formed American based family.

The floors above ground proved fruitless so she moved below to continue her search. Her long, cotton pale blue skirt swayed with each step, the hem teasing her ankles as she moved. She had finally put on a pair of shoes as she headed toward the basement. There were rooms within the confines down here and in the levels below this one that required things to remain sanitary and while Ororo did not believe she would be in those rooms, she still followed what seemed to be a logical protocol. While it may not exactly be sandal season just yet, it was the most she could bring herself to don while within the school's building, so they clicked softly against the floor as she walked.

Her search took her down to the lowest level of the building and she was beginning to think perhaps her quarry had taken herself off campus for the remainder of the day. She found the basements to be her least favorite of places within this school but at least they were well lit and large, which was a bit soothing to her claustrophobic tendencies. There was one room, however, that was a bit easier to tolerate and that was only because it emptied into open skies, the place she felt the most at peace.

Turning into the hanger, she finally spotted what she had been searching for. Lavender hair. Honestly, Ororo chided herself, she should have begun her search here. Lizzy's love for all things aircraft was not a secret and it was likely the troubled teen found comfort around such machinery. Knowing her approach was not silent and that it was fairly difficult to sneak up on a telepath, Ororo greeted her with a warm smile and gentle words. "The first time I remember being on a jet was the day Professor Xavier brought me here. It is a beautiful aircraft but I freely admit I would rather be flying under my own power," she said to the young woman whose side she stopped at, looking at the Blackbird. Indeed, it had been a blessing that the man had his own jet because she didn't think she would have been able to tolerate a cramped commercial flight. The only other time she had ever been in a plane had been as an infant when her family moved them from Manhattan to Cairo, Egypt.

Tilting her head slightly as her blue eyes sought out the girl's, she added, "I have been searching for you, Lizzy."
Mar 13 2015, 05:04 PM
Hello! I was wondering if anyone here would be able to help me with a couple of photos. I cannot photo manip to save my life (I have tried, even YouTube wasn't enough to save me) and I would really like a couple of images of my PB (LUPITA NYONG'O) with white hair and blue eyes. I have a few images that I picked out although there are a ton more that would be lovely as Ororo as well if you'd rather pick your own. Anyway, please let me know if you can/will help.

Mar 8 2015, 07:46 PM
Ororo lightly touched down at the edge of the gardens, dissipating the small gust of wind that carried her back to the earth. She had been down to the lake that morning, basking in the serene stillness that the sound of water lapping upon the shore provided. It gave her time to gather her emotions, to remember that while they'd been beset upon with tragedy, they were coming through it, would triumph through it all. Perhaps not unscathed as the return of Katherine, Rachel and Cecilia had proved but they were back now and would continue to receive proper care. Even Lorna had been freed of the mind possession that had occurred. Now they only lacked Brian, a sore spot for the windrider but she was far from giving up hope. 'Ro did worry about Elizabeth, though. The young woman had been through so much in recent months and while she appeared to be strong, she was sure it was mostly an act. She would make it a point to seek out the lilac tressed student later and check in with her.

Now, however, it was time to continue her lessons in serenity and tackle the garden. It hadn't exactly become disheveled but winter was loosening its grip upon the land there in northern America and already she could see tiny crocus and hyacinth greens poking through the earth. Old stalks from the fall were ready to be pruned back to the ground in preparation for the summer months when they would shoot up once more. Although the garden had tenders, people who kept the hedges perfectly shaped and debris cleared away, she needed to get her own hands into the still hard dirt and feel the soil sift through her fingers. Ororo had plants in her room, ones she tended to herself with the care one might lavish on a newborn babe but she did not get her hands into those pots. No, she needed earth, real earth, to make her feel complete.

Picking up the hand held spade that she'd retrieved from the garden shed, Ororo paused a moment, glancing at the memorials that mostly bared the name "Xavier" on them. A few belonged to Erik's family but they were not actually buried there unlike Charles' family. She enjoyed the garden and was grateful that none of the names written in various locations were ones she actually knew. When she was not found in the classroom or Danger Room, she could be found outside, either here in the garden or soaring on the winds. One might call her predictable but there was something comforting in her routine and she found no reason to change it.

Kneeling beside a small patch of dainty crocus shoots, she gently removed the bits of leaves that had been scattered across the ground as a cover from the snows. Although it was still a bit nippy outside, definitely much cooler than the Kenyan air she'd lived in for nearly a decade, Ororo was unaware of the coolness. Temperatures never bothered her, whether cold or hot and while she was wearing nothing more than a summery flower printed ankle length skirt and solid pale green t-shirt under her garden smock, she did not feel chilled in the least. 'Ro hadn't even bothered with shoes when she'd left her room that morning, much preferring to feel the grass under bare feet.

Humming a delightfully happy tune that she'd danced to several times during various tribal ceremonies, she pushed the small spade into the earth, churning up the winter hardened dirt near the crocuses, sifting the dirt and breaking it apart with her fingers.
Mar 7 2015, 03:53 PM
[dohtml]<center><link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Source+Sans+Pro:300' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><div style="width: 300px; padding: 15px; background: #F2F2F2; border: 3px double #EDEDED;"><div style="width: 280px; height: 45px; background: #b1c4d2; padding: 10px;"><div style="text-align: center; font-family: 'Source Sans Pro', sans-serif; font-size: 30px; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 2px; color: white; line-height: 90%;">

Ororo Munroe

</div><div style="text-align: center; font-family: calibri; font-size: 8px; margin-bottom: 3px; letter-spacing: 1px; text-transform: uppercase; color: white; line-height: 90%;">

22. Staff.

</div><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://flash-mp3-player.net/medias/player_mp3_mini.swf" width="280" height="10">
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<img src="http://i376.photobucket.com/albums/oo204/hopematters1/825125a6-8cd3-4910-ad64-9940d03da51a_zpseu2dpew1.jpg" width="300px">

<div style="width: 270px; height: 220px; background: #F2F2F2; padding: 15px;"><div style="width: 256px; font-family: calibri; height: 220px; padding-right: 6px; padding-left: 6px; color: #000; font-size: 10px; text-align: justify; line-height: 100%; overflow: auto;" class="wivesscroll">

Fresh from Kenya, Ororo has been in the United States since the opening of the school in the Fall of 2014. She is slowly acclimating to life here but will continue to need a bit of direction in terms of what is socially acceptable and what is not. She is an earthy woman who loves horticulture, nature and being outdoors.
She will be offering language lessons in Arabic, Swahili and Amharic. She will also be teaching a horticulture class as well as powers training with a specialty in flight.
<b>Friends:</b> I do expect her to be friendly with nearly everyone and welcoming friendships readily. She does need help in bridging the cultural divide and I would love to establish maybe a friend or two who has more or less taken her under their wing. This can easily be fellow staff members or even students.
<b>Enemies:</b> Anyone who attempts to harm her new family at Xavier's or who stands in the way of peace.
<b>Lovers:</b> Not really looking into this at this time as her emotional distance will prevent her from truly allowing someone close enough to become a lover. It would take a monumental event to break past her emotional barriers in this way.
<b>Side note:</b> If anyone is good with photo manipulations, please let me know. I fail at it superbly and would like to get images with white hair and blue eyes. Thank you!

</div></div><div style="width: 300px; height: 100px; background-color: #b1c4d2;">

<img src="http://i376.photobucket.com/albums/oo204/hopematters1/a1bcf697-b2ea-4943-91f0-a283fe951c28_zpsuyix083p.jpg" style="width: 90px; height: 90px; border: 10px solid #f2f2f2; border-radius: 90%; margin-top: -5px;">

</div></div><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=3048"><div style="width: 330px; color: #000; font-size: 6px; letter-spacing: 3px; margin-top: 3px; text-align: center;">WHAT KATY DID</div></a></center><style>.wivesscroll::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 2px;}
.wivesscroll::-webkit-scrollbar-track { background: #F2F2F2; }
.wivesscroll::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background: #b1c4d2; }</style>[/dohtml]
Mar 5 2015, 09:48 AM
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.nlname {font-family: mrs sheppards; color: 42353a; font-size: 50px; text-transform: lowercase; padding-top: 100px; width: 300px; text-align: center;}
.nlname2 {font-family: marvel; color: 42353a; font-size: 12px; text-transform: uppercase; width: 200px; text-align: center; margin-top: 13px;}
.nlname3 {font-family: mrs sheppards; color: 42353a; font-size: 50px; text-transform: lowercase; width: 350px; text-align: center; position: relative; z-index: 2;}
.nlname4 {font-family: marvel; color: 42353a; font-size: 12px; text-transform: uppercase; width: 250px; text-align: justify; margin-top: 13px;}
.nltitle {padding: 2px; font-family: marvel; font-size: 11px; text-transform; uppercase; color: white; background-color: 42353a; text-transform: uppercase; width: 170px; text-align: center; letter-spacing: 2px;}
.nltitle2 {padding: 2px; font-family: marvel; font-size: 11px; text-transform; uppercase; color: white; background-color: 42353a; text-transform: uppercase; width: 385px; text-align: center; letter-spacing: 2px;}
.nlinfo {width: 170px; padding: 2px; font-family: calibri, sans-serif; color: 42353a; font-size: 9.5px; line-height: 90%; text-align: justify;}
.nlinfo2 {padding: 5px; font-family: calibri, sans-serif; color: 42353a; font-size: 9.5px; line-height: 90%; text-align: justify;}</style><center>

<div style="width: 400px; padding: 50px; background-image: url(http://static.hdw.eweb4.com/media/wallpapers_1920x1200/3d/1/1/dna-strand-3d-hd-wallpaper-1920x1200-2420.jpg);"><div style="width: 400px; background-color: white;"><div style="width: 400px; height: 250px; background-image: url(http://i376.photobucket.com/albums/oo204/hopematters1/2755bfe4-0f84-4bbf-ae66-9fac38576ba9_zpslrvhbitv.jpg);"><div class="nlnl"><div class="nlname">HOPE</div>
<div class="nlname2">EST; Lupita Nyong'o; AIM hope.matters</div></div></div>

<div class="nlname3">Ororo Munroe</div>
<div class="nlname4"></br>These are the seasons of emotion and like the winds they rise and fall

<BR><table><td valign=top><div style="width: 190px; height: 150px; overflow: auto; padding: 2px;">

<div class="nltitle">full name</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
Ororo Munroe

</div><div class="nltitle">codename</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

</div><div class="nltitle">affiliation</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

</div><div class="nltitle">place of birth</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
Manhattan, New York City, New York

</div><div class="nltitle">hometown</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
The Kilimanjaro Valley, Kenya, Africa

</div><div class="nltitle">Known Family</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
Father: David Munroe – deceased. Mother: N'Dare Munroe - deceased

</div><div class="nltitle">goals</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<b>Coexistence:</b> As someone who did not experience any sort of prejudice before coming to America, Ororo would like to see a world where mutants are not scorned or hated but are accepted for who they are. Coexistence with humans really is her ultimate objective and she believes that Xavier's dream for peace has the best chance at making this goal a reality.

</div><div class="nltitle">strengths</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<b>Determination:</b> Ororo has lived a life that has been wrought with treachery and peril yet she has also seen the flip side and knows that only through determination could she have survived such extremes. Her earliest memories are that of being trapped alongside her dying mother for three days before she pulled herself from the rubble and it was determination that helped her survive and mould her into the woman she has become.
<b>Serenity:</b> Her powers are influenced by her moods so Ororo tries to remain serene at all times. Typical, everyday emotions do not trigger her abilities but swinging too high or too low could cause her to inadvertently manipulate the weather and for this reason, she has trained herself to remain calm at nearly all times.
<b>Giving:</b> Some of her most joyous times were when she was helping her people in Africa. They worshiped her as a goddess and in return, Ororo made sure that they were well taken care of and their needs met. She enjoyed making their lives happier and celebrated in their triumphs and cried along with them in their tragedies. She enjoys utilizing these same concepts with her peers and students at the Xavier University.
<b>Naturalist:</b> Ororo has definitely been shaped by her past in this regard. Living off the land in Kenya has made her reliant on nature for sustenance. She believes in being kind to the environment around her and nurturing it so that it is there for generations to come. She looks to natural remedies for ailments before succumbing to modern medicine and she prefers her food to be organic in nature. She is a natural with gardening and enjoys encouraging plant life to blossom under her tender mercies, often taking over the gardens from the professional help that may be hired.
<b>Fighter:</b> This one seems to go against the rest of Ororo's strengths but it does fit in well. She is a fighter at the core. When the choice between flight or fight presents itself, she will be found fighting for herself, her loved ones or anyone she feels has been persecuted unfairly. This seemingly stubborn nature has protected her in trials and helped her to survive. She is not above putting others needs before her own and if there is any chance she can make a difference, she will make every effort to see that the difference has been made, no matter the cost to herself.


</div><div class="nltitle">likes</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
Nature, peace, harmony, music, soaring the winds, gardening, reading, no clothing, nurturing, tea, dancing.


</div></td><td valign=top><div style="width: 190px; height: 150px; overflow: auto; padding: 2px;">

<div class="nltitle">age</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
22 years old, October 28

</div><div class="nltitle">height</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
5' 11"

</div><div class="nltitle">weight</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
145 pounds

</div><div class="nltitle">build</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
Long and slender

</div><div class="nltitle">eyes</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

</div><div class="nltitle">hair</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

</div><div class="nltitle">race</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
African American

</div><div class="nltitle">distinguishing marks</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
Her eyes appear fully white when she is using her powers with just the tiniest slit of a pupil visible.

</div><div class="nltitle">sexuality</div>
<div class="nlinfo">


</div><div class="nltitle">powers</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<b>Atmokinesis:</b> Storm has a psionic link to the weather and is able to manipulate the weather around her, using natural weather conditions to change or redirect weather patterns. She can modify temperatures, precipitation in all forms (rain, snow, hail, fog, ice, etc), control atmospheric pressure and even create and control lightning and other electromagnetic phenomena. Ororo can create destructive weather such as blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes and thunderstorms. She is also able to dissipate current weather as well, clearing the skies prematurely if need be.
Storm is also able to sense weather around her and can even figure out where she is on the earth via weather patterns that she can literally see. She also has control over the wind and uses this ability to ride on wind currents, or fly. She can also create these currents around others and carry them with her. One of the side effects of her abilities is that she is immune to temperature extremes.
<b>Weaknesses:</b> Ororo has many weaknesses. Her abilities are affected by her emotions so she must control them at all times or risk inadvertently creating chaos via the weather. Storm is limited to earth's weather and cannot manipulate weather anywhere else unless she is in that location. Theoretically, she would be able to manipulate weather on a distant planet but would not be able to affect the earth at that time. She is also only able to use weather that is naturally occurring on the planet. At this time, her mind is not as strong against telepathic influences as it can be in the future. She is still susceptible to telepathic manipulation. She can also be harmed or killed with any number of weapons.

</div><div class="nltitle">other skills/abilities</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
Storm is a master thief, having been taught during childhood in Cairo. She has as much dexterity in her toes and mouth as she does in her fingers. She is also very skilled in hand to hand combat, a product of living on the streets as a child. She speaks several languages fluently, including English, Arabic, Amharic and Swahili.

</div><div class="nltitle">fears</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
Close spaces. Ororo has classic claustrophobia and will react strongly to being placed in an area that is too tight for her comfort. She is also afraid of losing control of her powers due to heightened emotions and therefore can seem cold and aloof at times.

</div><div class="nltitle">secrets</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
The red gem that is used as her navel ring is actually a gem that she stole as a child, against the wishes of her then-mentor. She is never without it and the piece of jewelry that the gem is stored in was crafted and gifted by one of her worshipers in Kenya.

</div><div class="nltitle">weaknesses</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<b>Emotional Detachment:</b> This isn't to say she doesn't care or express she cares but she will actively prevent herself from feeling emotions that she believes could be too deep. She genuinely loves but refuses to allow herself to fall <i>in</i> love. She can come across as cold and uncaring when the truth is far from that.
<b>Tight Spaces:</b> As a result of being practically buried alive as a small child, Ororo is definitely claustrophobic and exhibits all the usual manifestations of such condition. She needs wide, open spaces and feels more at home in the open sky than in a room within the mansion most of the time.
<b>High Esteem:</b> Ororo has been worshiped. She's been a goddess. Although she does not expect that now, she does expect to be respected and treated with dignity. She has very little patience for others who would disregard her or treat her poorly as she has been the object of such respect for a number of years now. Because of this, she can come across as too regal and snooty, which is not her intention but there it is.
<b>Nakedness:</b> In Kenya, this would not have been an issue but in the United States, one simply does not walk around without clothing or with nothing more than a well placed patch of fog to cover up the essentials. One of the things Ororo has struggled with since coming to the western world is the idea of being covered at all times. She is slowly adjusting to such protocols and still prefers loose clothing such as flowing skirts and blouses when she needs to be dressed. However, do not be surprised if you walk into her room unannounced and find she is wearing nothing.
<b>Pride:</b> Ororo knows that she is powerful. She understands that what she does can and will shape lives around her, as has been demonstrated in the past. She is proud of her abilities and proud of the skills that she has learned with them. She is not immune to overconfidence in her weather shaping abilities and has certainly fallen victim to her own pride on more than one occasion. If she believes she can accomplish something, she will not hesitate to do it, whether it is the right thing or not.
<b>Non-Killing:</b> Ororo has killed before and has found the act to be very distasteful. She has had a vow since she was a preteen that she would not willingly take another life. This could be seen as a weakness as she will do anything she can to not deliver the killing blow, no matter what danger there may be to herself.

</div><div class="nltitle">dislikes</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
Prejudice, disrespect, close spaces, being cooped up indoors, restrictive clothing for no reason, invasion of privacy, chaos, destruction to the environment.

</div></td></table><BR><div class="nltitle2">history</div>
<div class="nlinfo2"> Ororo Munroe was born in New York City to parents David and N'Dare Munroe. Her father was a photojournalist and when she was merely six months old, the small family moved to Cairo, Egypt for David's job. They lived there peacefully for a few years until tragedy struck. A plane crashed into their home, killing David instantly. N'Dare laid with Ororo beneath the rubble of their demolished home, slowly dying while five year old Ororo helplessly watched. It took three days for her to climb out of the rubble but she did escape with nothing but the clothes on her back and her mother's ancestral ruby.
She soon fell into a group of street children who introduced her to their master, Achmed El Gibar. He trained her and soon she became his most prized student, excelling in the arts of lock and pocket picking. This brought her into contact with an American visitor as Ororo attempted to pick the pocket of this seemingly unremarkable man. She was unsuccessful as the man had an uncanny way of noticing her. She ran from him, escaping the strange man whom she perceived scrutinized her too closely.
Ororo would spend years in Cairo and it wasn't until she was twelve years old did she feel a pull toward her mother's native land. Leaving the only home she ever remembered, she traveled thousands of miles south, at one point hitching a ride with a stranger. The stranger attempted to rape her and she ended up killing him with her knife. It was such a traumatic event that she vowed then and there to never kill again. Her travels took her through the desert and she came close to perishing before her mutant abilities emerged and she was able to call forth rain to cool her overheated and parched body.
She finally reached her mother's ancestral home in the Kilimanjaro Valley of the Serengeti Plain in Kenya. Ororo was taken in immediately by a woman named Ainet, who recognized her white hair and blue eyes for what they were. She taught 'Ro how to use her weather wielding abilities for the good of her people. Those same people turned her into a goddess, worshiping her and bringing her gifts that were either grown or hand made by them. Ororo spent almost a decade living as a goddess among her mother's people and in that time, she honed her weather abilities and caused their crops and villages to prosper.
During this time, Ainet taught Ororo how to read and write and gave her the best education one could attain in their rural location. Passing tourists and travelers that came their way would often sit down with the young woman and teach her what they could of the western world. She was fascinated with their stories and happily accepted their books, devouring what she could from them before handing them off to the children in the tribes she helped. She had lived amongst her mother's people for a long time now and curiosity made her want to know more about her father's people.
Although her life was rather idyllic, she began to grow restless, her moods affecting the weather more and more no matter how calm and serene she tried to be. It was during this time that the man whose pocket she attempted to pick many years before in Cairo, came calling. Charles Xavier remembered her and when he decided to open a school for gifted youngsters, he wanted to include Ororo in his program. Xavier informed her that she was not a goddess but something called a "mutant" and that there would be more like her back at his new school. There, she could continue to hone her abilities and he informed her that she had a moral responsibility to help others across the globe, not just in her local area. She would be called upon to teach the skills she had and to help shape the lives of the students who came to the school. Feeling the need to answer this summons, she left with him for the United States to begin a new chapter in her life.

<div class="nltitle2">personality</div>
<div class="nlinfo2">
Ororo is a very calm, serene and peaceful individual. At least on the surface. She hides behind this mask to keep herself from inadvertently affecting the environment around her. In a way, it is real. She is regal, a product of having been a goddess for a lengthy time. She carries herself with dignity and at times can appear as if she believes she is better than others.
Underneath it all, though, lies a very passionate, loving, giving woman. She wants to feel the sort of love that makes you sigh and your toes curl upon a kiss but she is terrified of letting go so she pushes such desires aside for the "greater good". She loves, she cares and she feels but Ororo attempts to stifle these feelings to keep everything in check.
She is also a sponge when it comes to knowledge. 'Ro loves to learn and has been extremely fascinated, not to mention naïve, about life in America. With the help of some new friends, she has learned what behaviors are acceptable here and what are not although she still makes social types of mistakes. Ororo definitely wants to fit in but not at the cost of her individuality.
In short time, Storm has become almost an activist when it comes to mutant rights and coexistence. She never faced racism before, whether for the color of her skin or her mutant abilities, until she came to the United States. She has been appalled at the way mutants are perceived in public and has made it her one passion to right this obvious wrong. She is still careful, however, not to let her passion rule her powers and prove the mutant hating humans right.
<BR><BR></div></div><div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px;"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=145">&hearts; thanks lauz</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
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