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Pietro Maximoff


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May 7 2015, 02:26 PM
So this was the place that Pietro had to come to, to ensure Wanda’s survival? In the short time that he had been here, the speedster wasn’t particularly impressed with everything that he had seen. Sure it was grand, but that was wasted on Pietro. Still no matter how much he hated the place and the residences within it, he would suffer it so that he could ensure that Wanda was safe.

This was one of those rare occasions where the twins were not joined at the hip, such was want to happen when Pietro needed to run. He needed the wide open spaces and to open the throttle up and see just how fast he could reach. That was one thing that the school had going for it that Pietro could appreciate, it had enough grounds for Pietro to run as fast as he want without needing to step outside of the grounds.

Because of this Pietro had been running a lot more than he had been in a long time, Wyndham had given Pietro the freedom he needed to use his mutations, it was hard to run close to the speed of sound when cooped up in a children’s home.

Even all the preparations that Wyndham had given the twins for life at the school – Pietro had yet to settle into living in dorms. They were not totally dissimilar to the Children’s homes and Pietro flouted the rules then as he would likely do now, but that didn’t make sleep any easier for him. Instead of trying to force sleep, Pietro had got up and went running.

This morning the trip had taken him beyond the walls of the school grounds, Pietro couldn’t tell you where he had gone, only being able to describe the landscapes he had seen. The names didn’t matter to him though, they were inconsequential. The wind against his face felt good, and he was able to reach the speeds he felt truly comfortable at.

For more than two hours Pietro had run away from the school, moving north until finally there was a rumbling in his stomach, and the need to see Wanda drew Pietro back towards the school. It would be all too easy to keep running if he had nothing to keep him anchored in one place, but Wanda needed him and he needed her. Which meant he would return to the school, even if he didn’t want to be there.

With a white and blue blur Pietro returned to the grounds of the school, leaving the front door of the school wide open, the blur instantly disappearing into the kitchen where it opened cupboards and the fridge as bowls and cutlery clattered together as Pietro sorted his second breakfast of the day.
Apr 27 2015, 03:18 PM
Date: Earlier in the year
Location: Germany

From the moment of birth Pietro and Wanda had been inseparable, where one went the other always followed. Even with his superspeed Pietro was always close to Wanda, and when he was out running distances that many could only fathom being crossed in a matter of minutes, he was always returning to one person. Despite their rough start in life, things at the moment seemed to be pretty good though Neither Pietro or Wanda had said such out loud on the off-chance that either of them jinxed it. Wyndham was a task master, he insisted they did their school work and didn’t much tolerate Pietro’s more anti-social behaviour. That didn’t mean that the twins had become little angels overnight. No, they were both still as messed up as ever, it was just Wyndham was putting a bit of shine on them before they were sent off to other locals.

For the time being though the twins were enjoying a moment of respite from the school work that they were being made to do. Having left Wyndham’s, now their home, they had come into town and would probably get up to no good and kick about a bit before going back home. Even here with Wyndham there were still people that looked at them funny, Pietro stood out among the crowd. It wasn’t helped either by the fact that they had the creepy twin thing going for them. Neither of them was often seen on their own and they both seemed to co-exist in a shared universe that quite happily ignored everything and more importantly everyone that was going on around them.

Pietro ducked off the streets and into the shop, the twins were now mooching around the aisles doing very little but make a nuisance of themselves. Pietro had made a beeline towards the confectionary; there was a need to eat and sugar was a pretty good way of boosting his energy. Dinner wasn't too far off so he only had to keep going for a little while longer until he was taking up even more calories. With a burst of speed, Pietro’s hand had already plucked two bars off of the shelf and stuck them into his pockets, one was his favourite bar and one was Wanda’s. Whatever he had, he would probably end up sharing with her anyway, it was how it had always been and a more permanent home wasn’t going to change that.

Pietro could already feel the eyes of the man behind the counter staring towards him, it hadn’t been long since Pestilence’s attack and the whole mutant thing was out there. Pietro didn’t react to it yet, he was used to people staring at him, they’d been doing it since the initial burst of speed had erupted. Cocking a smirk towards the shop assistant Pietro brazenly walked around to where Wanda was. ”What do you want?” Pietro’s eyes slipped away from his sister to the shelves she was looking at, moving his arm around Wanda's shoulder with a grin. "I think we've been noticed," Dropping his voice so only Wanda could hear it.
Apr 21 2015, 01:35 PM
*Too lazy to whitehair*
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<p>Recently brought to the school at the behest of the most recent person to adopt him and his twin sister. Pietro certainly isn't at the school by choice and would rather be headed back to Germany than stay at the school. Having spent the past year undergoing preparations to be sent to the school, he has picked up a little English and brought to be at least a little less introverted around others. The problem is though that Pietro has had a rough life, in and out of children’s homes and losing two sets of parents has taken its toll on the speedster. Thankfully for Pietro he is not alone in this venture, his twin Wanda is with him and is the sole reason that he hasn’t just blown the nest believing that the school really is the best place for her at the moment. While Wyndham did his job preparing the twins for the school, Pietro has absolutely zero interest in schooling and is hardly going to take the schools authority laying down. Not to mention Pietro is hardly known for being a good teenager, he’s quite happy to get himself into trouble of the less than legal sort.</p>

<p>A speedster through and through, Pietro lives his life in the fast lane and the world around him is nowhere near fast enough to keep up with him. It’s no so surprising then that Pietro shows pretty much every symptom of ADHD and is incredibly quick to react negatively to a situation (especially when family is brought up). It’s even less surprising that Pietro doesn’t suffer slow people, he has a short attention span, if you bore him he’s going to up and leave or do something to turn the situation into one much more interesting to him.</p>

<p>Despite being a sort of obvious mutant (how many seventeen year olds do you know with ghostly white hair?) Pietro has absolutely no self-conscious about the fact. This is probably due to the nature of how his powers came to manifest and how he’s never seen them as bad. Because of this Pietro doesn’t try to hide what, or who he is when he’s out in public.</p>

<p>Coming with such a large chip on his shoulder, and with speaking only a little English it is not so surprising that Pietro is one of the harder people to befriend – he has opinions on just about everything as teenagers are want to do and he’s not one to keep quiet on them. He’s not here to make friends, and he certainly doesn’t think he needs any, all he’s here to do is keep Wanda safe and avoid dealing with anything else. Outside of what Pietro thinks I’m open to pretty much anything with Pietro; attempted friendship, rivalry, shenanigans etc.</p>

</div></div></div></td></tr></table></div></div><div style="background-color:#fff; text-align:center; font-family: 'Mrs Saint Delafield', cursive; font-size:40px; line-height:40px; color:#000; width:420px; padding:10px;">

Pietro Maximoff

</div><a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/CAUTIONTOTHEWIND/index.php?showuser=21840">ash stymest is mine.</a></center>
Apr 20 2015, 02:27 PM
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<div class="nlname2">GMT +0; Dylan Sprayberry; AIM/PM</div></div></div>

<div class="nlname3">Pietro Maximoff</div>
<div class="nlname4"></br>Running, running</ br>
As fast as we can</ br>
Do you think we'll make it?</ br>
(Do you think we'll make it?)</ br>
We're running</ br>
Keep holding my hand</ br>
It's so we don't get separated</ br>

<BR><table><td valign=top><div style="width: 190px; height: 150px; overflow: auto; padding: 2px;">

<div class="nltitle">full name</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
Pietro Maximoff

</div><div class="nltitle">codename</div>
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</div><div class="nltitle">affiliation</div>
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</div><div class="nltitle">place of birth</div>
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</div><div class="nltitle">hometown</div>
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</div><div class="nltitle">Known Family</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<p>Wanda Maximoff (twin sister)</p>
<p>H.E. Wyndham (foster father, sort of)</p>
<p>Django Maximoff (foster father, deceased)</p>
<p>Marya Maximoff (foster mother, deceased)</p>
<p>Erik Lehnsherr (father, unknown)</p>
<p>Magda (mother, unknown, deceased)</p>
<p>Anya Lehnsherr (half-sister, unknown, deceased)</p>
<p>Lorna Dane (half-sister, unknown)</p>

</div><div class="nltitle">goals</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<p>Protect Wanda: In a world that has been constantly in flux, there has been but one person that has been with Pietro from the beginning. That is his twin sister, and as he sees it the better half of him. Joining him in the world only minutes after his birth. They have been together from the beginning, and Pietro will do anything to ensure that nothing threatens his twin.</p>
<p>Survive: Travelling Stateside to attend university was one of the last things that Pietro would ever think of doing. To put it bluntly Pietro doesn’t want to be at the school, nor does he care enough to attempt to make the most of the opportunities that are being laid at his feet. If it weren't for Wanda he’d have bailed on the school soon after crossing the gates.</p>

</div><div class="nltitle">strengths</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<p>Athletic: Naturally Pietro is a gifted athlete, team sports are most off the table but he takes great pleasure in being better than most. When it comes to the race track, and he’d be lying if Phys Ed at the school hadn’t caught his attention at least a little bit.</p>
<p>Street Smart: While his education is by no means complete, Pietro had an education of another sort. Helped by his heightened speed Pietro is a quick talker, and actor. He does what he needs to do to survive and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty if it means he’s helping himself or his sister.</p>
<p>Self Reliant: Reliant on nobody (except maybe Wanda), Pietro knows how to look out for himself and doesn’t need anyone to look out for him. Trusting in his skills makes him ideal for surviving out there in the real world, preferring to rely on his instincts than get close to those people that would abandon him.</p>
<p>Quick Thinking: Quick to think on his feet, Pietro is reliable under stress. These quick reactions make him especially useful in high-stress situations as he can react quickly enough without dragging his heels. Coupled with his other strengths, Pietro would be reliable out in the field if he could play well with others.</p>
<p>Strong Willed: When Pietro believes he is right he sticks to his guns. While many might see this as arrogance, in truth it’s a survival instinct that he has been forced to adopt. He’s come this far, and he isn’t about to roll over in the dirt and take a beating. He’ll be the first to jump into a fight and likely the last to back out of it if he can help it.</p>

</div><div class="nltitle">likes</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<p>Running, running faster than everyone else.</p>
<p>Food, all food and lots of it.</p>
<p>Being Right.</p>


</div></td><td valign=top><div style="width: 190px; height: 150px; overflow: auto; padding: 2px;">

<div class="nltitle">age</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<p>17, August 26th 1997</p>

</div><div class="nltitle">height</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

</div><div class="nltitle">weight</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

</div><div class="nltitle">build</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

</div><div class="nltitle">eyes</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

</div><div class="nltitle">hair</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

</div><div class="nltitle">race</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

</div><div class="nltitle">distinguishing marks</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<p>Hair went from black to perfect white when he mutated. Is that not obvious enough?</p>

</div><div class="nltitle">sexuality</div>
<div class="nlinfo">


</div><div class="nltitle">powers</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

<p>Superhuman Speed: Pietro Maximoff is arguably one of the fastest land-based life forms on the planet. Because of his mutation Pietro is capable of pushing speeds above the speed of sound creating a sonic boom when he breaks the sound barrier. However due to the rather obvious nature of someone moving faster than the speed of sound Pietro stops at about 750 mph. Slow enough to allow him to move fast without making a ridiculous amount of noise and getting noticed. At present Pietro can maintain this speed for several hours before dropping down to a lower speed to recuperate energy. Pietro can use his superhuman speed for a number of feats that no human could achieve. These include the ability to run at speed upwards along vertical surfaces, and to run around in small circles producing destructive wind speeds while he continues to run.</p>

<p>Adapted Physiology: Given that Pietro can run at speeds that no human could ever dream of hitting. His body is adapted to handle the stresses that act upon his body. First of all Pietro’s metabolism is much more efficient than that of humans. Where a human uses only 25% energy content from food, Pietro, on the other hand, uses 95% of the energy content. The downside being that Pietro has to take in a much higher number of calories each day.</p>

<p>Pietro’s bones, joints, and tendons are all capable of withstanding a much greater force from the impact of running making him that little bit more durable than an off the shelf human. Pietro’s eyes and brain are specifically adapted to movement at speed as well; the liquid coating in his eyes is much more viscous preventing his eyes drying out when he’s running. To operate at high speeds Pietro’s brain needs to be able to keep up with his movements, meaning he can carry out activities at any speed he can move at.</p>

<p>Superhuman Reflexes and Agility: Far more flexible, more balanced and with quicker reflexes than any regular human being. Pietro is capable of catching fast moving objects out of the air, avoiding weapons fire and other fast moving objects.</p>

<p>Superhuman Strength: While all speedsters possess a level of superhuman strength, Pietro’s superhuman strength is considered a secondary mutation. In his lower limbs, Pietro is capable of pressing weights of up to three tons, and his upper body can lift weights of up to two tons.</p>

<p>Weaknesses: Pietro’s need for speed and movement requires him to take on much more fuel than any human could eat without putting on massive amounts of weight. Pietro can quite happily eat five meals a day and is almost constantly grazing on this or that. If, for some reason he does not eat then he won’t be able to push his speeds towards his upper limits. Naturally confining spaces are a bad thing for Pietro, and he doesn’t handle being confined well, often getting angsty through to aggressive depending on how long Pietro's stuck in containment. One weakness that Pietro does have, that has yet to show itself (although many would argue it has), is that he is prone to mental illness.</p>

</div><div class="nltitle">other skills/abilities</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<p>Light Fingered: Pietro is most a fan of the five-fingered discount. He’s never had money of his own, so hasn’t been able to experience the finer things in life. Just because he’s poor though, why should Wanda and himself be denied? After his mutation, it just became all the easier. Lifting wallets and items from stores is about the limit of what he does, but when he can move as fast as he can. There're not many limits to the sorts of trouble he can get himself into.</p>
<p>German: Being born and raised in Germany, German is Pietro’s native language. He’s much more comfortable talking in that than he is in the English that Wyndham has taught him.</p>
<p>Scrapping: Growing up in children’s homes and foster families, with kids that thought it was smart to pick on Wanda. It is no surprise that Pietro fought back and learned how to handle himself with these bullies. Sure a lot of the time he came off looking a lot worse for wear, but he learned and soon enough he was pulling punches with the worst of the bullies in the homes.</p>

</div><div class="nltitle">fears</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<p>Losing Wanda: When put on display for families to adopt, and being moved from children’s home to children’s home. There was one constant fear that stayed with Pietro throughout those times his fear of Wanda being taken away from him. Luckily the twins were never separated but still the fear is there, and Pietro would likely lose his mind if he lost his sister.</p>
<p>Confined Spaces: Ever since he mutated Pietro has been scared of enclosed spaces. He can’t move fast within them, and they are synonymous with being trapped, locked up with no chance of escape.</p>
<p>Finding His Parents: While most kids that grew up not knowing their mother or father would want to find their parents. On the other hand, Pietro has no desire to find his relatives. They never wanted him, and if anyone tries to suggest otherwise he gets vocally aggressive and dismissive if the topic is brought up with him in earshot.</p>
<p>Getting Caught: Naturally when up to no good there is a fear of getting caught. Pietro believes he’s too fast to get caught, but there’s always that moment when the fight or flight reaction kicks in. It could be argued that it is the thrill of feeling the fear that keeps Pietro going back for more.</p>
<p>Being Forced To Slow Down: Speed is as much as part of his life now as breathing air. It separates him from any of the other kids that he grew up with in care. Pietro fears that one day he will wake up, and that speed will be gone, rendering him normal.</p>

</div><div class="nltitle">secrets</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<p>Spawn of the devil Magneto.</p>

</div><div class="nltitle">weaknesses</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<p>Wanda: The one person in the whole world that Pietro cares for, it is only natural that she is his biggest weakness. If they want to get to Pietro, then all they need do is use Wanda as bait.</p>
<p>Lack of Schooling: Moving from one foster home, to children’s home and back into the next foster home. It is no surprising that Pietro’s education is fractured. Coupled with a general dislike for sitting around in classrooms Pietro was there when he had no other options. By no means dim, there are gaping holes in his education.</p>
<p>Unstable Upbringing: Pietro has lived in a social care system that has failed both himself, and his twin sister. Because of this failure, Pietro is incredibly prejudiced against everyone that has had it better than him. Pietro has an absolute loathing of any institution that encourages wealth.</p>
<p>English As Second Language: While Wyndham taught Pietro some English, he is still a non-native speaker. Some of the subtleties of the English languages are lost on him when he is talking to someone that has spoken the language all their life.</p>
<p>Competitive: Pietro is a natural born competitor, he believes he is better than most around him and is willing to go to any length to prove this. This often makes him a volatile member of any group, when he is forced to work with others.</p>
<p>Impulsive: Living life multiple times faster than the average person. Pietro makes decisions far faster than he perhaps should, giving the appearance of him being both impulsive and more than a little reckless. </p>

</div><div class="nltitle">dislikes</div>
<div class="nlinfo">
<p>His Parents</p>
<p>Care System</p>
<p>Anyone horrible to Wanda</p>
<p>Slow People (except Wanda)</p>

</div></td></table><BR><div class="nltitle2">history</div>
<div class="nlinfo2">

<p>Events that would lead to the birth of Pietro Eisenhardt began in the winter of 1996 in Israel. It was here that Magda Eisenhardt would meet Erik Lehnsherr. Their relationship was a flash in the pan, but would have consequences that would reach far into the future. Shortly after the end of the relationship between Magda and Erik, Magda would discover that their tryst had resulted in Magda’s pregnancy. Rather than try and find Erik again and tell him, Magda instead returned to her home city of Duisburg in Germany. While most twin pregnancies go without a hitch, the twins were proving to be a handful already – Pietro was forever on the move, and these complications would continue to take their toll on Magda. The doctors made the decision to induce the twins shortly before their due date to try and minimise complications; Pietro was born first with Wanda born several minutes after. The problem was the doctors had reacted too late and Magda passing away shortly after childbirth.</p>

<p>With no blood relations and the location and identity of their father unknown, there was no choice but to take the twins into the German care system. Given they were new born babies it was no surprise that the twins were adopted fairly quickly by Django and Marya Maximoff who had no other children. Throughout their early life, the twins grew up in a stable environment. Pietro was forever on the go and extremely protective of Wanda, in fact, they were pretty normal for their age. Things would not turn weird for the twins until they were five years of age when a fire mysteriously broke out in the Maximoff household. The twins were untouched by the flames and quickly rescued by the fire services when they reached the scene, Django and Marya, however, weren’t so lucky and as a result perished in the flames. While the investigation into the fire proved inconclusive the suspicion was laid solely upon Wanda having started the fire and as a result Wanda became tarnished with a reputation for being more than a little psychotic. Once again with no family the twins were taken back into the system. This time though being older and with Wanda now having a reputation for being a little unstable, they weren’t the first on the list for being taken in by foster families.</p>

<p>Over the coming years, Pietro and Wanda went in and out of foster families though they always ended up returning to the children’s homes from which the Maximoff's fostered from as babies. Either because they weren’t a good match for the family or odd happenings caused the families to send them back. These perceived abandonments caused the twins to grow a strong bond with each other. Pietro’s reaction to this bond was to become fiercely protective of Wanda and his response to anyone that would even remotely disparage Wanda was to lash out with his fists. Making Wanda and himself more, and more undesirable to potential families. Given they were in a system where Birthday’s and Christmas’ were very small. Pietro took to providing for Wanda the only way he knew how: he took what he could from adults, shops and other children so that he could give it to Wanda. It was only small things at first. Things that Pietro hadn't noticed that were missing until later on, but Pietro got better at it and more brazen to the point he was much more daring in lifting items and money.</p>

<p>This was the way things continued – the twins attended school less and less, and Pietro became more and more unruly to those that would be authority figures to him. It was not surprising that Pietro was angry with the world, he felt like everyone had abandoned him and Wanda. Things only got worse as the twins grew in age, as they got older Wanda became the target of bullying by their peers, and Pietro’s response was to lash out. It was for protecting Wanda that one particularly nasty-minded group of teens decided to remind Pietro who the boss was. Waiting until they were on their own, they set about the scrawny teenager with odds that certainly did not favour Pietro. The outnumbered odds coupled with a huge amount of adrenaline triggered Pietro’s hidden X-Mutation. In front of the other teenagers, every hair on Pietro bleached, and the world around him appeared to slow down. With burst of both unnatural speed and strength, Pietro lashed out against those that had minutes before intended to harm him and within even less time Pietro had them all on the floor, beaten.</p>

<p>It didn’t take long for the news of Pietro being a freak to spread, and now the twins were even more ostracised than they were before. No potential foster families came to see them, nor did Pietro wish for them to come and find him. Believing all he needed was to watch out for Wanda and everything would be alright. The twins continued to retreat into their company; Pietro didn’t form relationships with others and by now had all but given up on school. Although the trouble for the twins continued to persist – even after being labelled as freaks, things became much easier now that they had powers at their backs. This period of being unwanted, and neglected for would continue until shortly after the twins seventeenth birthday. A man appeared at their children’s home with the sole interest of fostering the twins; he had even signed the paperwork before even meeting the twins. Unknown to them this man, who went by the name of Wyndham was more interested in the twins gifts rather than in their personalities. With the paperwork and arrangements all made, the twins packed what few items they had and were taken away from the children’s home for the last time.</p>

<p>Before he had even collected the twins, Wyndham was already in contact with Xavier with regards to the twins. Both agreed that neither Wanda nor Pietro was old enough nor tame enough for the pair to travel across the pond to the Institute. Instead, Wyndham kept the twins at his home. Here he taught them a little English, tried to educate them and showed them that despite what they had endured so far in life that not everyone in the world was out there to harm them. This was all part of a plan to get them to trust him and so that they could be tamed in preparation for them attending the Institute. Despite his rebellion initially Pietro behaved more with Wyndham than he had with any other adult that he had since entering the children’s homes. Despite this Pietro was still feral and was completely against the idea of going to the United States when Wyndham brought it up. Wyndham was smarter than both twins put together though and rather than take them both on together Wyndham instead preferred the divide and conquered approach. Speaking to each twin separately he made sure they understood that by going to the school they were in fact helping to protect the other twin.</p>

<p>Convinced that he was in fact helping Wanda, Pietro reluctantly agreed to attend the Institute. Now the pair have been sent across to the United States to gain an education, but still Pietro is not happy. Instead, he is looking for a means to get the school to send both Wanda and himself back to live with Wyndham.</p>

<div class="nltitle2">personality</div>
<div class="nlinfo2">
<p>Pietro is a man that has had it rough, which is perhaps nothing new when it comes to mutants, but it is that upbringing that has shaped him into the man he is now. Abandoned by his parents forced into a care system that neither cared nor nurtured him, Pietro learned to distrust people and to not allow anyone to build his hopes up. Despite this, there was one person who he came to rely upon; Wanda. His wombmate. Wanda is Pietro’s world, and he will do anything for her. The one person he truly loves he has been by her side since she came into the world and will do everything in his power to protect her. It is that determination to protect her that has kept him going, the drive he needed to continue to face the world that would quite happily forget about him. He’s a fighter and a troublemaker and takes no issue in giving out lip to anyone that has got on his bad side.</p>

<p>Being a speedster there is a natural proclivity for hyperactivity, and this is especially true with Pietro. Impulsive and with a large dash of changing his mind on a whim. It would seem that Pietro has a severe case of ADHD, but he’s making decisions and living his life at the same speed as everyone else. Just there are few people that can truly perceive the speed at which he lives his life. Coupled with a healthy dose of testosterone and self-confidence this makes a volatile individual who has a strong sense of always being right, and just about everyone else around him being beneath him. He’s independent and certainly doesn’t play well with others, which is just the way he likes it. There are few who understands the way he moves and can move at the pace that he does.</p>

<p>Having never been able to afford more than the basics, Pietro is not used to wealth and as a result he absolutely loathes people that have enough to be able to flaunt it. Perhaps unsurprisingly Pietro’s trouble soon got him into less than legal activities out on the streets. His natural cockiness and self-confidence helped him out on the streets and it only got easier once he got his powers, something that has only boosted his ego further in the past couple of years. This brazen air of being untouchable is one of the first things that people would notice about Pietro after the creepy twin thing and is something he wears like a badge of honour.</p>

<p>Moving from Germany to the United States wasn’t Pietro’s idea, nor was he particularly keen on it (which is something of an understatement). This was especially true when he learned that he was being packed off to a school. Pietro hates the very notion that he is going to have to study and put work into something, even if he is capable of doing it. Instead, he is here along for the ride, to look out for his sister and preferably find a quick way back home without anyone noticing. The speedster hopes that the teachers at this so called school understand that and don’t try to force him into anything he doesn’t want to do.</p>

<p>Family for Pietro is only two people, one being himself and one being Wanda. His parents, the people that abandoned him into the care system are not his family, and it’s certainly a stressor for Pietro even if he says it isn’t. He has zero desire to meet anyone else that he is related to and is pretty confident that if he does meet them that he will loathe them. Still there’s a lot of teenage angst here. Who knows how much of it is hot air, and how much he’s willing to back up when it boils down to it.</p></div>
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