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Jun 6 2015, 09:56 PM

Joint post between the Herald and Apocalypse

Herald walked along the shore of the African nation known as Genosha, her expression as blank and unimpressed as usual as she followed Lord Apocalypse, waiting for further commands. Perhaps she would be required to kill the inhabitants of this wretched apartheid nation. Just the thought of a group of humans daring to subjugate mutants made her skin crawl.

If Nur was bothered by their current location he wasn't showing it, instead he was taking in the sites around him, walking along the edge of the place as if he all ready owned it.  Soon enough he would and it wasn't something he even bothered to question.  What was their to question in his reign?  "Herald," He motioned her closer, wanting his creation by his side to share in his pride about what was to come.  "Tell me, what are your feelings about this place?"

She visibly hesitated, her memory about the beating that he'd administered to her after her failure in Chicago hadn't faded yet but did as she was told regardless of her misgivings. "My... feelings, master?"

"Yes, it is going to be our home soon.  I tire of the flat farmlands, it is no place to build an empire certainly but this place could very well be."  He looked down at his creation, not really caring for the opinion but curious as to whether her thoughts were worthy.

Herald thought it over carefully before responding. "I think the choice of location is sound but the inhabitants are...problematic."

"Are humans something to be feared by the truly worthy, though?"  Nur countered, a sense of pleasure coming from the very discussion.  Soon they would be ready for this stage and his true Kingdom would be realized.  "All who are worthy will be flocking here.  We shall have to make a place for them in our kingdom."

"No," she replied, the jewellery in her long purple hair tinkling faintly as she shook her head sharply. "I was referring to the mutants here as well though. How could they be worthy if they accept this apartheid without compliant or protest?"

"They may not be worthy.  More than likely not.  Some may prove their worthiness with their actions when the time has come.  If they do not break their chains with us then they will have to die with the humans who have subjected them.  If they break and turn they may be of some use but you are certainly right, their strength will not be able to be trusted with tasks important to our continued existence.  Even in our own kind there are meant to be followers at the lower rung of our society."

Like myself, she thought. "Yes, master."

Nur stopped, not feeling any more need to survey what would be his and properly.focusing her gaze on what he had created.  May she prove her worth.  "I must trust you with a task, Herald."

Herald nodded again, getting down one knee and lowering her head in respect. "I live to serve."

"You have heralded in my coming for all of the world to hear.  The people here must hear and they must be cleansed from our land."

She rose, placing a fist briefly over her heart before opening another portal behind her. "As you command, master."

Nur gave a brief nod.  "Go, free this island of its filth."

Herald turned, conjuring a crystal javelin as she walked through the rift onto a large building in the capital's downtown centre...and if parts of her face began to twitch unnaturally it was of no concern to anyone as she began her work ushering in a new era.
Dec 13 2014, 02:34 PM
"I do not understand the meaning of this," the Herald said, following Essex into the labs in a hospital gown and loose fitting nylon pyjamas. Both her hands and the right eyelid beginning to twitch when she caught sight of the operating theatre and the various surgical instruments laid out almost lovingly on the metal trays around it even though her feet still kept moving.

"Our master says that his horsemen are the strongest of them all. How could I possibly benefit from 'upgrades'?" It was highly offensive that this doughy mass of all-too-mortal flesh with thinning hair thought he had the right to judge a demigod of her worthiness and if he didn't have his uses in other ways the Herald would've considered killing him for this insolence.

Her pebble-like eyes narrowed and her lips thinned. "If this is about our failure in Chicago again surely I have atoned for that with our success in Ardennes. I continue to assert that the heretics opposing us were simply fortunate the first time!"
Sep 7 2014, 12:44 PM
Her javelin was sent flying into the air by a red beam of force from the mutant with the red visor, the crystal shimmering in the sun as it flew away and before she could make another she'd run directly into the arms of the giant steel man who - instead of crushing her - began to apologize for hurting her.

Sentiments like this would've touched Clarice but the Herald had no capacity for mercy or empathy. All she desired was the death of these mutants and revenge for the wrath they'd brought upon her when Pestilence was taken. "I will die before I surrender! Only the word of Apocalypse shall command me!"

A sharp pain spread between her shoulders, making her scream shrilly and turn to look at the source of agony. It was a tall, thin young man in black with a mismatched pair of eyes who was holding a large knife now buried into her shoulders. She'd seen this one before back in Chicago, the illusionist that had burned her with a false fire and spoke to Clarice.

Under a terrible amount of pain she grit her teeth and opened a massive swirling pink wormhole beneath all of them that opened somewhere over the battlefield fifteen feet from the ground. Quickly closing the portal behind them so that no-one else would follow and teleporting out of the tin solider's grasp in a burst of molecules, landing somewhat heavily on her feet and stumbling a little.

She looked behind her as the combatants fell. No knife was in her back although the pain still lingered. Obviously another illusion. It would be his mistake that he hadn't stabbed her for real and killed her, she would make sure of that.

A small portal opened next to the illusionist and the Herald came through, striking viciously at his face before bliiinking away rapidly and reappearing from another angle to strike again in rapid succession. Removing the psychic that could deliver attacks she was unable to avoid and make himself invisible to her senses from the equation would greatly even her odds. "You...will...pay...for...Chicago!"
Jul 11 2014, 10:35 PM
"Guuuuys!" Naomi whined, clutching onto the arm of the girl nearest to her in the group and glancing around nervously as though she expected the boogeyman to jump out of the shadows (of which there were many) at any moment. "I think we took a wrong turn. We're not even close to the movie theatre I don't think."

Kristen, the apparent leader of the group, rolled her eyes and shot the other, more mousy looking girl a disgusted look. Apparently not perturbed by the admittedly seedy neighbourhood. "Don't be such a pussy, Nomi. I know exactly where we are. We just have to cut across 82nd Avenue and we'll be right where we need to be."

Naomi scowled and grumbled, "I'm not being a pussy-" before breaking out into a loud squeal and digging her nails into her victim's arm "-oh my gooood, I think I just saw a used needle in the gutter!"
Jun 28 2014, 05:31 PM
March 19th, 2015
Forests of Ardenne, Belgium


It wasn't difficult for the Herald to find the required number of participants for the upcoming battle with her globally reaching portals. In fact, she went above and beyond the call of duty in her gathering. Actually going as far as to collect proportionate numbers of each nationality to make the scene as accurate as possible.

With a flash of red-pink light she disappeared from Trafalgar Square in England and appeared in one of the hallways of the Skydome of Toronto in Canada. Making people in blue hockey jerseys with white maple leafs plastered on them begin screaming and running every which way.

It was no use though. Barely making any kind of effort the Herald opened the rift in directly in front of a large crowd of people, transporting them all to iron cages in the forests of Ardenne where groups of Germans, Frenchmen, Brits, Belgians and Luxemborgians were already being held.

She ignored the freshly captured group's begging, weeping, prayers and curses. Lips moving as she counted her catch with a gloved finger. "Hmm…there are too many of you. This shall not do. No, it shall not."

A pair of javelins were pulled out of the sheath she kept on her back and thrown at two people in the front of the cage, fusing their molecules together to make one grotesque lump of meat. She advanced on the screaming group, dispatching another with a slash to the throat with the sharp end of the crystal before stabbing another person with it and teleporting them straight into a tree.

"Good, I've fixed it. Now be silent, flatscans. Your screaming displeases this servant of the Apocalypse."

Her eyes drifted upwards and she snarled at the sight of a jet flying low overhead in the red-black sky but she didn't have time to deal with them now. She had one last stop to make before their plans could go underway.

Quickly, she opened another portal and emerged in a theme park in Times Square right in the middle of New York City. She just needed the Americans now and they'd have all their combatants ready…

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