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Remy LeBeau


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Apr 5 2015, 06:18 PM
Remy had learned already from what reactions he had had with Dr. Essex so far that when he talked it was usually full of twists and turns that weren't really followable unless you were Dr. Essex himself. Be that as it may, however, Remy was pretty sure he preferred the man talking to him instead of about him. The zeal with which he went on about what they were going to do was...unsettling at best.

But he had signed up for this; this was what he had wanted and also needed. If he was going to be able to go on he was going to need this no matter the cost that would be asked of him. Remy wasn't about to fool himself; he knew there was going to be a cost beyond what he was seeing now.

That didn't mean, however, that any of it set easily. "So, ya do a lot of these, Doc?" He asked, trying to break his own unease with conversation. It wasn't going to work. Essex wasn't exactly one to setting his patients down but that didn't mean that nervous habit wouldn't dictate that Remy at least try the approach. It was hard to even try as he tested his restraints. "Now are these necessary or are they just out of habit?" The accent thickened as he laughed, trying to write off the comment he had just made as a joke but it felt flat on the tongue and to his ear.

He was right in Essex answering not helping at all. "It always pays to be cautious when poking around the brain." the doctor said, humming slightly as he lined out his tools. Remy was pretty sure some of them would have been at home in a metal working shop. No, talking wasn't going to be his best bet and actually looking at what was about to be cutting through him was sure as hell not going to put his mind at ease.

The results would. That's what he needed to focus on. All of this was part of a cost and the cost was going to be worth it if things went right and he had control back again. The young man knew how to sort out people's usefulness and Essex might be crazier than a mouse biting a cat on the balls but he had his uses and this was it. If anyone was going to be able to put him at right it would be the man who was now talking behind him about what was going to happen. Remy supposed he should pay more attention but what was he really going to be able to do from his seat as he did an impression Ray Liotta in The Silence of the Lambs? Not a damned lot more than sit there and hope Essex was joking when he asked if Remy wanted a bite.

"Got ya, Doc. Can we start this thing up then? Gotta lot of things I'm hoping to do sooner rather than later, you know." The sooner this was over the sooner Remy could stop thinking about it. Dwelling on things wasn't something he was wont to do at all. Things were as things were and the sooner this was over the sooner he could stop rethinking the steps that had lead him up to this point.

"You're quite right," Still, he wasn't prepared for the strangely jovial tone of the man behind him. "All of the scalp blocking seems to be in effect, I'm just going to open you on up now and we can begin."

He could hear it. He could smell it.

This had best be worth the price all ready paid.
Feb 16 2015, 09:20 PM
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<div id="traincontainer">

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<div id="traindetails">20+. Independent/Villain (to start). The Flirty, Fun Rogue of Wonders.</div>

<div id="traincontent">

Why yes, I am requesting a Rogue for a Remy but don't think that it's just for some romance plot because I am hoping here for a Remy and Rogue life of crime extraordinaire! What can I say? Between Remy and Tom I have a lot of criminal activity needs. I would dearly love for Remy and Rogue to meet up while Remy is off abroad for his missions for Apocalypse and Essex and enter into some wonderful flirty competition with one another. Yes flirty because what do these two do that isn't done flirtingly? The romance aspect, however, will be absolutely up to you because I'm not going to nail anyone down to that but I'm game either way! <p>

What I want from a Rogue is pretty much a scrapper Rogue surviving currently on her own and not yet ready for the life of the 'Good'. One that brings in the playful aspects of her as well as some of the darker pre-X-Men things that we could play with nicely. I'm just hoping to have her and Remy partner up on many a crime spree before he has to be called off on mysterious business and takes the next plane out and, in the future, them meeting up again just to see how their lives fall and how they might develop around one another in the future. Rogue's future is also completely up to you, continue crime? Join the X-Men? SHIELD? All up to you and all would make a great thing for them to run into one another again. <p>

The face is Meghan Ory which I am completely flexible on; you can make her any age and whatnot so I hope I've tempted someone with this!

<div class="traincredit"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=6358" target="_blank">©</a></div>

Dec 6 2014, 09:01 PM
Growing up, Remy LeBeau knew that he would pull himself up from the beginnings that fate had dealt him. There might be some people who would be narrow-minded enough to say that he hadn't succeeded in doing so considering the methods he had employed to form the life he has now but the fact that he was now unknown miles from the bayous and streets he had haunted was a proven point he could appreciate at the moment as he sucked in a great lungful of air and looked at what of Rome he could now see spread before him. Yes, he had certainly come a long way and sometimes he could forget how indebted he was to some people in getting this far. Right now was one of those times as he walked along the streets he didn't know but could make himself comfortable on all the same. It was an idea of an environment he could make himself comfortable in; if he kept such things in mind then he could never be made to be uncomfortable by a sense of unfamiliarity. That very idea was something Remy couldn't help but take a certain comfort in as it helped him adapt to every new point he had ever arrived at in his life. Everything boiled down to more or less of the same.

He looked at the people sitting at tables talking amongst themselves; so many different little worlds going on in the same area but a good many of them were all on the same topic. Mind, it was a topic that was probably being discussed all the world over but Remy didn't even need to speak the language to pick up the mentions of Belgium and mutants. The topic should make him want to push his sunglasses up more securely but Remy had been playing this poker game long enough to not have such an obvious tell. Instead he strolled on through the tables until coming to one with only one occupant who matched the description he had been given by the contact who had brought her to his attention...or him to her attention. He wasn't really certain what way this meeting was really going but why would he pass up the opportunity for a little side-trip while he waited for his travel arrangements to be made. He had to take some time between the places he was being sent or else things would look mighty suspicious indeed; it made sense to get work done while he waited and this seemed like a pleasurable kind of work.

"'xcuse me, ma'am, but is this seat taken?" The drawl in his voice was as thick as it ever neither aided or hindered by the sideways smile that was something of a habit for him when addressing any woman familiar or non. "Seems a pity to set by ourselves out here on a day as nice as this, don't it now?"
Oct 31 2014, 03:56 AM
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<div class="cell-bubble">Reporting in for itinerary update. Since bombings it was necessary to rearrange flights, will be arriving in Australia the 11th for preliminary scouting. Currently nothing to report from the ground, there was no tip-offs to our movements in Belgium.</div>

<div class="cell-bubble">As things are currently going, air support against us eta 1 hour deployment, French planes sabotage from the previous week was successful as there has been delays there, no word on German.</div>

<div class="cell-bubble">Advisory War concludes within the hour and prepare evac of personnel. </div>




<a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=4588"><div style="opacity: 0.5; font-size: 6px; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: center;">THANKS DAIS!</div></a>


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Oct 12 2014, 02:25 PM
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<div style="width: 400px; padding: 50px; background-image: url(http://static.hdw.eweb4.com/media/wallpapers_1920x1200/3d/1/1/dna-strand-3d-hd-wallpaper-1920x1200-2420.jpg);"><div style="width: 400px; background-color: white;"><div style="width: 400px; height: 250px; background-image: url(http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t223/Lorna_Green_Dee/72705eda-a06d-41da-9f54-263bda97bb80_zpsacae03be.jpg);"><div class="nlnl"><div class="nlname">Fergie</div>
<div class="nlname2">central &bull; Gaspard Ulliel&bull; bumblefergie (aim)</div></div></div>

<div class="nlname3">Remy LeBeau</div>
<div class="nlname4">I've been losing sleep I've been keeping myself awake I've been wandering the streets For days and days and days Going from road to road Bed to bed Lover to lover And black to red But I believe There's no salvation for me now No space among the clouds And I feel I'm heading down But that's alright -------</div>

<BR><table><td valign=top><div style="width: 190px; height: 150px; overflow: auto; padding: 2px;">

<div class="nltitle">Full Name</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

Remy Etienne LeBeau, as for how he got it, that would be a good question and he's probably got a slew of answers for it depending on who he's telling but there's not much truth in it.

</div><div class="nltitle">codename</div>
<div class="nlinfo">


</div><div class="nltitle">sexuality</div>
<div class="nlinfo">


</div><div class="nltitle">goals</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

A bit invasive, don't you think? If you were to ask him straight out Remy wouldn't give much of an answer saying that he has the goals of any man with blood still flowing through his veins but that, of course, is a surface answer. Remy isn't always aware of the things that motivate him as he doesn't over-analyze at times where he really should consider it. The chief thing that has gotten him where he is currently, however, is an unrecognized desire for control in his life. He understands, of course, the need to have controllable powers, but it goes deeper than that and he has yet to realize it.

</div><div class="nltitle">strengths</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

Charm, he likes to think he has the right balance so it doesn't turn into some dripping sort of smarm that is just trying too hard and completely distasteful. <p>
Street Smart, Remy knows he's not booksmart but he has his own kind of cleverness and he knows when to use it. <p>
Not saying too much, Remy is a secretive person by wise habit and he doesn't let many people know him because he wants to keep himself more or less to himself. Knowledge is power and he doesn't need people having power over him. <p>
Talking, Remy was born with a tongue that knows the right things to say. He's perfectly at home in his own skin and, more often than not, uses his words to get out of the damnedest situations. <p>
A grey idea of morality, he shifts with the sands when he needs to.<p>

</div><div class="nltitle">likes</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

Flirting with the ladies, what could be better than charming a beautiful woman? <p>
Pulling off a great heist, whether big or small it always comes with a sense of accomplishment.<p>
Staying two steps ahead of anyone around him, Remy likes to feel he has the upper hand. <p>
At the same time, however, he likes a person who can keep up with him for a while because it makes him that much sharper. <p>
Games, now, Remy doesn't play serious games unless he knows he's going to win but there's a part of his personality that makes everything into something of a game and he thinks it's delightful. <p>


</div></td><td valign=top><div style="width: 190px; height: 150px; overflow: auto; padding: 2px;">

<div class="nltitle">age</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

20, born March 13th

</div><div class="nltitle">powers</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

With a touch, Gambit has the ability of tapping into the potential energy of an object and transforming that energy into kinetic energy. This creates a rather explosive effect to say the least. The process of doing this does take some time as Gambit has to keep in contact with an object to charge it up and the larger an object is the longer the charging time is as well. While Gambit favours small objects he can keep on hand the larger objects do pack a bigger punch but he's a subtle man even if he appreciates some flare for the dramatic now and then. <p>

The explosive happenings mentioned above only happen if Gambit lets go of an object. If he keeps the object in his hand it will continually charge but will also need to have a way to release energy as well as it's not exactly the safest thing in the world to continually put energy into a thing that shouldn't have such power. While in his hand and in such a state, Gambit's weapons can act as something of a conduit as it strikes another object and decimate it with the force Gambit uses as well as the energy it unleashed in motion. <p>

Along with his ability to channel energy into things Gambit has some ability to channel his own energies as well which demonstrates itself as enhanced agility and dexterity. Also, this energy causes an interference, a kind of static, that has proven to shield him from a variety of telepathic endeavors.

</div><div class="nltitle">fears</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

Things he's done catching up with him. It's going to happen one day. <p>
Being alone. <p>
Being out of control but, at the same time, being under someone else's control. <p>
Being not worth remembering by the time he is gone. <p>
Disappointing someone who actually means something to him, those people are few and far, far between now. <p>

</div><div class="nltitle">secrets</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

Well, lets see, he's an underling to a mad scientist scouting for the formation of all sorts of evil thoughts and helped kidnap a girl once to be made into a tool of world destruction. That's a pretty big secret.

</div><div class="nltitle">weaknesses</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

The ladies, he just can't help it.<p>
Perhaps just a bit too cocky, even Remy LeBeau can get over his head but that doesn't mean he admits this all of the time. <p>
Negativity towards himself, for all of the talking up he gives himself to others Remy doesn't always think all that wonderfully about himself nor does he think himself capable of a lot of good. <p>
Loyalties and being in debt to people, Remy loathes being in debt to anyone but he will pay it back tenfold even if it is a terrible idea. <p>
Remy doesn't quite grasp things that are so very different from himself or that aren't the normal that he has been lacking for so very long. <p>

</div><div class="nltitle">dislikes</div>
<div class="nlinfo">

Being indebted. <p>
Grudges, Remy is the kind of person who doesn't get his feathers ruffled all that often. If he got tricked by someone that's on him for being fooled. <p>
Snobbery, don't get him wrong, Remy appreciates the finer things in life, but too many airs aren't going to be appreciated by him. <p>
Being out of control, his need of getting control of his powers may have landed him into a situation he isn't 100% on but it's still worth it for now. <p>
Being tied down, Remy is meant to run free! Actually, he just doesn't know <i>how</i> to set down any kind of roots so he has decided it's not a good thing at all. A person like him needs to be able to jump up and leave at the drop of a hat.


</div></td></table><BR><div class="nltitle2">history</div>
<div class="nlinfo2">

Remy LeBeau was a ward of the state before he was a year old but, if you ask him, it has served him better than most in that Remy grew up knowing how the world worked; something so many people deluded out of their soft-mark children. There were suckers born all the world over and that was something that Remy takes pride in not being...most of the time. Still, a deal is a deal and Remy LeBeau holds up his end of a bargain...until it proves detrimental to his health not to, anyway...<p>

So lets start at the root of the matter. Remy came into the world in the fine state of Louisiana to a teen mother who soon lost him due to neglectful behaviour. Her psych evaluation was a feast for the voyuristic reader with garbage about 'Le Diable Blanc' and all sorts of things that surely made the psychiatrist scratch his or her head in complete bewilderment. It's no matter, though, as far as Remy is concerned the woman was just a sucker in a long line. She must have been to not see the advantage of having him although, admittedly, Remy is fully aware she would have seen none of these advantages in an infant totally dependent on her. He isn't about to give air to those words, however. Only fools humble themselves when there are so many others in the world more than eager to do so and there are enough lining up against Remy just because they might not like it when he gives them the eye so to speak. <p>

So he entered the system to rot but Remy LeBeau was never some garbage to leave on the curb, surely. That didn't save him from living as such for some time, however. Mutants might be the same check amount for fostering currently but that didn't mean every family was eager to have him; this was surely another example of people simply not knowing the advantages of his company or the promise of it in the future as...again, he had to admit as a child there probably weren't the same obvious ones he considers today. The whole world wasn't blind then, however, and about a year before his proper manifestation there was someone with enough sense to see what Remy might have to offer to the world. <p>

Jean-Luc knew what he was about and what everything and everyone else was about in the world, at least according to him and his own which was what Remy was going to be becoming. Remy, despite being maybe all of ten year sold upon meeting him, thought he also knew all of that as well but it can never be said that Remy LeBeau was or is any shade of the word humble by any stretch of the imagination without earning a chuckle or two. It would be from this man that Remy truly learned the system he lived in and beyond, how it worked, and how to work within it. Remy wasn't just a monthly check from the government but something being invested in now, finally being recognized now, and, with time, he even was given a name to prove the fact. <p>

It was still making him a sucker, however. Sometimes being a sucker in the world sneaks up on you despite your knowledge of everything that makes a person that. People are tempted to turn a blind eye to the things that matter to them that are also making fools of them. Remy was now living life like all of this was going to last and waking up from that dream was how he learned to never truly make yourself comfortable. <p>

His mutation had thrown everything into a loop again and fifteen year old Remy simply couldn't control himself and couldn't control what was happening. Himself and the situation was ruled by desperation and he pulled away from what he had wanted so much before. Jean-Luc could not help him with this and Remy told himself that it was much, much more important to find an answer fast instead of staying loyal to a man who had helped him so much before. That was surely a weakness that was going to harm him rather than help and when he found Doctor Essex, or Doctor Essex found him, the words whispered along with the promise of help was too great an opportunity for Remy to think it through. <p>

The actions of a desperate fifteen year old have put Remy into the fix he is in now. He found he couldn't go home, the latent sense of care and loyalty kicking in enough to at least protect the home he had enjoyed very much from the man he served now keeping himself from it. There is a sense of duty in Remy that he dislikes but, if he were in a better situation, would make for a decent quality in him. Of course, that duty is also tempered by an almost unhealthy does of pride that also keeps him from admitting some of the truth of his situation as well. He tells himself he is paying off a debt with his service to Essex as a Marauder and that might be true on some level but he is too proud to admit that his payment plan has no end.
<div class="nltitle2">personality</div>
<div class="nlinfo2">

If you have read through the above and haven't figured out that Remy is a cocky son of a bitch then you've been turning a deaf ear. It goes beyond that in that Remy is hyperaware of who he is and what his capabilities are...he just believes he is more capable than most as he is convinced not everyone sees the world for what it is. He thinks he is cured of any delusions which is probably a delusion in and of itself but if he didn't believe that he wouldn't be able to enjoy anything and Remy LeBeau is also just a bit of a hedonist when he wants to be. Those treats are few and far between and he's quite sure he has earned himself a few now and then. <p>

He knows the idea of hard work and he also knows the idea of <i>smart</i> work and will choose the latter each time but has a respect for both although he's not quite mature enough yet to admit that sometimes his smart work is perhaps a bit too clever. He knows very well he has an illegal bend to him but he doesn't always think of some of the implications of the frauds he's pulled out in the past. It is easier to be dismissive of all the people who might've suffered from what he has done with his life and think of them as suckers and himself as the person who might've taught them better. He doesn't dare look beyond that because in there lies regret and Remy LeBeau doesn't regret a thing about himself if he can help it. <p>

Remy is a playful type of personality to a point where it can get completely frustrating and also more than a bit harmful because, at the moment anyway, Remy LeBeau is out for number one and if he's playing his game he's not going to put too much thought into what it is to be on the other side. The other side still holds the suckers in his mind and they should know better; he learned and they will have to learn as well even if, at the moment again, he is also someone else's sucker. Perhaps one day he will allow himself to key into what empathy he has but right now he sees that as a quality he cannot afford and Remy is certainly cheap in what he allows himself.


<BR><BR></div></div><div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px;"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=145">&hearts; thanks lauz</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
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