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 Cozy Pub Chat, TAG: Jason & Ginny
St. John Allerdyce
 Posted: Jan 5 2016, 12:10 AM
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Jason Wyngarde: Jason thumbed through the pages of a book absently, leaning against the end of the shelf as he watched Ginny. "So, were you going to look for anything in particular or was this more an excuse to get out of the school for a while?" Jason was leaning towards it being the latter but he didn't really mind. He had a feeling he had been pulled out to get some of the misery and the school stink off of him but, if he were being honest, he truly didn't mind being pulled out. Maybe with a break he could better figure out how he should even be now? Being in the thick of things certainly was too much going on to form a direction one way or the other.

St. John Allerdyce: Ginny gave him a sideways look over his shoulder as he paused in searching for particular titles. Jason didn’t look completely amused. “Why ever would you suspect me?” He asked as innocently as possible. “I didn’t fancy spending this arvo cooped up there. And…there’s a book I wanted to check on.” He gave a smile. He’d have to pester Jason more often if it meant getting away from the gloomy atmosphere at the school. “But it’s not here.” He frowned. “And it should be. Anyway, what have you picked up?” He went to try to read upside down.

Jason Wyngarde: Jason turned the book so that Ginny could read without making himself dizzy. "Dead Souls, I have a bit of a thing for Russian literature now and then but I've yet to read this and it's a shame. I will have to do so properly sometime." A slight smirk came over Jason's face as he continued. "And I suspect you because you're suspicious to me about it. Don't worry, it was a good thing to do, I know I probably needed to get out. So what is it you're
wanting to look for?"

St. John Allerdyce: “Depressive and stodgy. You should read some Christopher Moore. He’s funny.” Ginny closed the book that Jason was holding. “You my good sir need some fun.” He looked around the store. “Well. I am looking for a magazine. I sent in an article - anonymously - and I got news that it had been included. I wanted to see if it was true - because they’re late on their payment. Paypal is not complicated.”

Jason Wyngarde: "It's...well, I suppose in a way it could be depressive but stodgy? It's a classic!" Jason declared, trying to defend the book in question. "And who is Christopher Moore?" Sure, Jason couldn't avoid curiosity but there was something more to be curious about in the form of this article. "Have you tried libraries? It might be easier to get ahold of there. What's the article about?"

St. John Allerdyce: “Christopher Moore is an amazing author - very dry wit. He wrote Lamb - The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal. You can borrow my copy. It’s on my Kindle.” He snapped his fingers. “Ah yes - a library. Might have it. Maybe.” He gave Jason a grin. “It’s about sex, naturally. A teen’s perspective on safe sex.”

Jason Wyngarde: Jason blinked at the title and chuckled as he imagined having a book with such a title before coming to this school. No, he couldn't exactly see himself ever having been allowed that. "Well, borrowing is free and I do usually have to go with free when there's a choice...but this book is still a classic." It would look out of place with it's glossy un-cracked cover but time would surely soon fix that. "I suppose I should have known without asking, shouldn't I?"

St. John Allerdyce: Ginny just punched him in the arm. “You are so easily led today, huh? I am looking for my mum’s new book. She said she’d send one signed to me, but I wanted to see if they changed anything from the Aussie version to the American version. But this store doesn’t have it.” He held out his hand for Jason’s chosen book. “My treat, Jason. I’ll get you your book. Then you can get the first round.” He had hoped to get Jason to at least crack a grin, but no, nothing short of a few drinks and some serious cajoling would lift his friend’s spirit. It was, he reflected, something they both needed - an afternoon off to enjoy being young and have some fun. Though if Jason was ever young and carefree, I’ll eat that book…

Jason Wyngarde: "What kind of stuff does your mother, write then? And if you tell me sex self-help books or something along those lines I might die or never believe you again." A slight frown came over his face at the idea of being treated to the book, a natural response to a deep-seeded wariness of people spending money on him. "You're sure?" He asked before he could stop himself. "Sure, I can cover the first round and then some...could cover the whole thing except that I imagine people'd be quite perturbed if the money disappeared once we were too far away for me to keep illusioning it."

St. John Allerdyce: Ginny snorted. “No - she works for a publisher, but her pet project is dark matter, so this is about how dark matter is not just in space, but all around us. It sounded pretty cool and I read a first draft like, four years ago. A bit over my head, honestly. But it is interesting.” He took the book out of Jason’s hands. “Yes, I’m sure. Let’s just say it’s a Tuesday Present. And pretend it’s Tuesday.” Jason’s words brought vague memories of a story of faerie money that turned back to dead, dry leaves once the unwary traveller reached the Human World. “I can drive pretty fast, though we won’t be able to show our faces at that pub again.”

Jason Wyngarde: "...actually we could a lot of times as long as we don't look at any security cameras full on." Jason commented, smirking a slight bit wickedly. "I mean, how do you think I got around before Xavier's opened up? There were very few places in the city that I actually used real money at if I didn't have to...might not want to bring that up with any staff at the school, just in case their disapproval goes too far on that."

St. John Allerdyce: “Hmmm.” Ginny had never thought of not paying as a real way to get around. “I promise not to tell, unless they whip out bamboo slivers.” He held up a hand solemnly. “I can’t do that kind of pain. Any other books you want to get while we’re here?” He looked out the large picture window. The sun was setting, sending bright orange beams down the street. “It’s just about beer o’clock.”

Jason Wyngarde: "I don't think I'm going to impose any more on your generosity for Tuesdays, no." Jason replied. "If you're ready we can definitely go ahead and take part in beer o'clock." Granted, taking part in such things was still slightly strange after everything and it had been rare even before. Jason was still getting accustomed to such things as beer o'clock again but any progress was progress.

St. John Allerdyce: “All right. Let’s go.” He bought the books and slid them into his bag. He’d give Jason his back after they’d had some fun. The guy needed it. Hell, he did too. Just some time away from their troubles so they could come back to them refreshed and with maybe a new perspective. “So. We have our choice.” He flung his arms wide to indicate all of the city. “I’d prefer a quiet place so we can chat and enjoy our drinks without loud music or people want to chatting us up.”

Jason Wyngarde: "I much prefer that as well." Jason admitted as they stepped out of doors. The last thing Jason ever wanted around him more often than not was too much loud music or anyone chatting him up. He considered the latter part of that rather unlikely but it still didn't sound like anything that he particularly wanted. "I'd like my teeth not to rattle out of my head and nobody interrupting us at all if possible. Do you have any preferences of place?" He asked, turning back to face Ginny as he did.

St. John Allerdyce: “I was researching and I found one that might fit the bill. It’s called, of all things, 'The Pub.'" Do you know of any other?” He grinned at Jason, hoping his improved mood was infectious.

Jason Wyngarde: "There's a few places I know about but they're all in different neighbourhoods so we'd have to hit the subway." Pubs were a place that stayed open late that didn't question people coming in as regularly as Jason would have at times so he had his chance of becoming rather well-versed with the places that worked for him. He also discovered quickly which places he would surely avoid.

St. John Allerdyce: Ginny clapped. “Then you pick. I still don’t know the city very well. If your pub be the bearer of peaceful drinks, lead on!” He fell into step with Jason as they walked. “I asked you to play hooky to take a break. I needed one, and I’m sure you do to. I think we should have school holidays or something. To break up the well, you know. I was thinking of doing that yoga class, to get to a more peaceful outlook.”

Jason Wyngarde: "Thank you for including me in the drinks instead of the yoga." Jason smirked a small bit as he lead the way back down the street towards the subway entrance. "And I know what you mean although I'm sort of dreading the idea of summer break either way. If things aren't over everyone's going to be around and miserable, if everything is over I sort of wonder if people'll be coming back at all."

St. John Allerdyce: “Oh, you should try yoga. You get all flexible.” He nudged Jason in the ribs. “Not that you’d care for it for the same reasons as I do, but it helps with general health. Align the chakras and all that.” Jason’s words had a sobering effect like a bucket of ice water. “Maybe it’ll be like Harry Potter and it’l be over for the hols and then back on once school starts? But in realty that doesn’t happen.” He lapsed into silence, thinking. “I’d come back if you did. I think I’d come back no matter what. These people need to be stopped.”

Jason Wyngarde: "Oh don't say back on, that's certainly something nobody wants." He laughed even though it was a rather serious subject, weaving through the crowd in the station and on through the turnstile. "I'm here regardless unless Xavier decides to cut his losses and close the doors." That was a true worry but Jason didn't think it all that likely. Charles Xavier didn't seem the type to do such a thing after going through everything he's already went through.

Jason Wyngarde: For his part Jason was barely even aware of the crowd. The few years that he had been in this state seemed to have numbed him to the number of people, almost finding having so many around comforting in a way. He wasn't noticeable in a group this large. "Thank you for the offer. I mean, I can easily enough go back to having my own place but it would set my plans for the future back a good deal. The idea of free university was the main pull for me to come to Xavier's, I won't lie...I certainly wouldn't mind a visit, though. I might have to see about a passport one of these days."

St. John Allerdyce: “Yes, those are very handy little things, though I’m sure someone wouldn’t mind giving us a lift in a jet…or you could just conjure one up when you needed it.” He waggled his fingers at Jason. “Or we could just move in together. We’d make excellent roomies, I’m sure.” It was rush hour, and he found himself being squished up against the failing of the first seat by the door. “it’s amazing how the world keeps going even though such bad things happen. Most of them probably aren’t aware of what we are. I wonder if there’s another mutant on this train we haven’t found yet.” He was glad Jason was there with him.

Jason Wyngarde: "I certainly hope none of them are aware, that could turn very badly." Jason didn't want to think of an entire subway car turning against them even if he was sure that Ginny could handle it with fire. "There's nothing else to do but carry on when things are bad, nothing good comes from just sitting and moping about it all really." He cast an eye around, making sure everyone was ignoring them like they should in such a setting. "So would you try to go to a university around here if we did become roommates if Xavier's shut down?"

St. John Allerdyce: “True. Moping isn’t really my style, anyway.” Ginny nodded. “I think I would. Otherwise it’d just be back home for me. And I like it here. Maybe I’d go somewhere else. I hear England’s got good schools too.” He shrugged. "I’m too young to really know what I want. Most of the fun is finding out what it is and go for it. What about you? What would you do?”

Jason Wyngarde: "I need to find a way to continue with school. I'm certainly not going through life with a GED and a tiny bit of college credits. It'd be figuring out how to do that would be the issue but I'm sure that eventually I would get there. It just might not be in the ways that I would like. I suppose, though, we're jumping ahead of things. I don't think our school's going to be closing it's doors, do you?"

St. John Allerdyce: “Sounds like you have a good idea of what you want. There are always online classes too. But no, I think the Xavier’s got a mind to have his house open for all who need it.” He was propelled along after Jason with the crowd, and was vastly relieved to pop out on surface streets. “I think he’d probably have us stay there and teach no matter what, hey. He’s that kind of guy. So, now we have arrived in a part of town I’ve never been, where to? I’m thirsty.”

Jason Wyngarde: "Online classes don't really do it for me. It's difficult to network in a set-up like that." It was an option, yes, but not something that he would get what he wanted from. Jason moved, trusting that Ginny would follow close behind. "It's been a while since I've been down here. Actually this is one of the first places I ever went to in the city. Hopefully it's still here and not turned into a cash advance place or something like that." A few blocks passed before Jason pointed ahead. "There we are then, that's the place." He said, looking back at Ginny to gauge what the Australian thought about the dingy hole in the wall he was being taken to.

St. John Allerdyce: Ginny wondered how they were going to get home easily. It seemed to be in the styx. “It looks homey. Good choice. Let’s see if they have cider.” Cheered up by this thought, he roped Jason around the shoulders and started off. This will be a good night.”

Jason Wyngarde: "I'm not sure that homey is what I would call it. It more looks like a skeevy old drug den but I suppose the darkness of the place sort of does give a sense of closeness that might pass as coziness." Jason laughed, stepping ahead to push open the door. "Hope so, anyway."

St. John Allerdyce: Although his initial misgivings had been covered up with bravado, he didn’t think that Jason would lead him too far astray. Having been tucked into a small booth in the back, and a few rounds down his throat, the place definitely became homey. “So…when did your family move to New York?” Ginny asked carefully. Jason was rather reticent on his past. Ginny gave Jason’s leg a comforting stroke with his foot.

Jason Wyngarde: What was that foot doing? Jason couldn't figure out quite what Ginny was doing with his leg and Jason also found that he didn't want to think too much about what Ginny was doing with his foot as it brought up other questions he had no idea about. He was obviously reading too much into anything like that but it was still something that had been happening more and more as this day went on and Jason had no idea how to actually respond to it both in reality and just in his mind.

Jason Wyngarde: He focused, instead, on drinking so he wouldn't have to come up with a response to whatever was going on there. It was just Ginny, nothing more in that. "Oh no, my family isn't here. I moved here a couple of years back now, not terribly long ago." He should slow down on drinking, usually he just lied at that point but with everything else and feeling the warm comfort of a drink Jason didn't exactly have the energy to keep his mouth quiet.

St. John Allerdyce: “Oh just you? Didn’t get on with the folks?” He gave Jason’s leg a last pat and smiled encouragingly. “Sorry to hear that. How’d you get on? I mean, obviously you have your powers - how did you realize you had them, anyway?” He leant in over his mug.

Jason Wyngarde: "I..." Jason almost laughed as he put his drink down. Oh the first time he had ever used his power, that was a story he hadn't told often but now he had someone, lots of someones, who would be able to find it funny. Certainly the people around him hadn't exactly found it amusing but now that event was set back in history and Jason wondered if it might not be nice to hear someone laugh about it. "Well, I had a tendency to let my mind wander a lot when I was young, still do. I imagine I made a few little things appear here or there without realizing it but…let's say I didn't like to focus on church sermons all that much and also enjoyed to imagine what people there would do if the Devil they believed in simply appeared...I was fourteen and suddenly Satan from my mind just popped into existence in a billow of smoke."

St. John Allerdyce: Ginny burst into laughter. “Oh my god! Was there mass hysterics and pandemonium? Did you freak out?” He said after he’d caught his breath. "That is priceless!”

Jason Wyngarde: "Well, I'll admit I was pretty surprised but the very next minute the illusion blinked out of existence because it startled me too much to keep it up. People were pretty well panicked but my father was pretty quick to dismiss the whole thing as some sort of prank with the projector since I didn't exactly do the greatest job on my first illusion. People bought it at least...but yes, there was some pandemonium and people screaming and crying. It took a while for me to get myself to not visualize things all the time, it's a hard habit to break and I'm sure I still slip up now and then."

St. John Allerdyce: Ginny wiped the tears from his eyes. “The projector! I love it. I just realized I could ‘blow out’ lighters by thinking about it. I was really rather disappointed that I can’t create flames, though.” He shrugged and finished off his drink. “Another round?” He wasn’t sure how many had gone but Jason was just loosening up! “Then you tell me when you first started making illusions that people fell for.”

Jason Wyngarde: Loosening up Jason might be but he still would keep a good handle on himself. He wasn't ready to let go of just everything. "Yes, another round sounds fine." He stood up to go get the requested drinks. "I'll have to think about what all to tell you on that front, then. I did have a tendency to trick a few people, after all. And very few people knew, of course."

Jason Wyngarde: When Jason arrived back he couldn't help but arch an eyebrow. First the insistent foot and now this? He was going to have to ask someone to translate this entire encounter to him later. Maybe that was something he could talk with Cecilia about with some ease? It would be nice to be able to talk with his best friend about something other than the topics that hung over their heads. "Well, I don't really know where to start. I illusioned setting a gym teacher's shorts aflame once but wasn't caught. The only people who figured out it was me was my family."

St. John Allerdyce: Well that wasn’t a real answer. But until Jason finished this round, it was all he was going to get. “So what fun things did you get up to? Because I’d’ve imagined quite a many fun thing.” He grinned and did nudge shoulders with Jason. “But you don’t like all that.”

Jason Wyngarde: "...Well, I did scare my sister good once at a funeral. It was before everyone was in and we just happened to be the only people in with the body so I had it sit up." Jason admitted with a small proud smile, giving Ginny his drink. "I think that was probably my best illusion back in those days."

St. John Allerdyce: A sister, huh? Interesting. “Whose funeral, may I ask?” He took a sip of his cider. “And how did you two end up being first in to the viewing?” He’d never attended a funeral. “And did she realize it was you?”

Jason Wyngarde: "We had been recruited to set things up." Jason replied, deciding now was the time to get into his cups and enjoy his drink. "He was a local, ran the diner and yes, she knew but it startled her nevertheless."

St. John Allerdyce: “Huh. What’s her name, then? I never had siblings. Mum told dad point blank that if he wanted another kid, she’d transfer her uterus into him and he could have the next one. Do you two get on?” He leant in closer to Jason, waiting expectantly. “Unless, you don’t want to talk about it. If it’s a bad memory of hard times…but I would like to know.”

Jason Wyngarde: "Janessa." Jason supplied but shook his head at the rest. "I can't say that I know either. I am glad, however, that my mother didn't make that deal with my father as I was the second child and I'd hate to have come out like that."

St. John Allerdyce: “Mmm, my dad’s reply was a rather emphatic 'no.'” Ginny was definitely feeling warm and fuzzy. “So…what other tricks have you done? I can pretend I’m a fire bender all I want but you’re a living breathing holodeck! That’s so cool.” He grinned at Jason, giving him a one-armed hug. “It’s the coolest thing ever. A toast to the coolest friend ever!” He lifted his glass up and solemnly gave Jason a wink.

Jason Wyngarde: "Well, some of my tricks might not be the best things to do...a lot of the things I did early on was for some small vengeance here and there. I don't regret a bit of it still, far too much fun." There went the hug and the very enthusiastic toast. "You seem to have developed a very high opinion of me indeed." He laughed though, raising his glass. "Yes, I think I can drink to us on that. Maybe I'll have to show you some of the things I've pulled off."

St. John Allerdyce: Ginny laughed. “I won’t show you some of the things I’ve ‘pulled off’. Besides, a true gentleman never kisses and tells.” Lowering his glass, he said, “Of course I have a high opinion of you - you say that as if it’s a new thing. You’re my best mate, and it’s only fair I toast our friendship.” He nodded as if to put a finality on it. “I got back tit for tat on some people too.” He squirmed uncomfortably. Burning people’s lips wasn’t that funny after a while.

Jason Wyngarde: Jason did indulge in a smile although a part of him worried. He was still gun-shy after everything with Cecilia. Was it really the right thing to still be settled here and connect with the people on this kind of a level? It would make things harder if he did have to leave but he also had to start having a life sometime and, despite being bitten, maybe it wasn't time to give up on that thought. "In that case, to us. I ruined a Thanksgiving once."

St. John Allerdyce: “Oh? I am boring compared to you!” Ginny shook his head. “You surprise me at every turn, Jason. One day, you can tell me all your story and I’ll tell you mine.” He took another sip and watched his friend. He seemed disquiet, almost alarmed. “What’s wrong, Jason? You look like you’re worried, or uncomfortable about something. Tell me.”

Jason Wyngarde: "One day," Jason nodded, still wondering if that one day was a good idea. He shook his head though, trying to look like he wasn't contemplating the things he was. "Nothing, I just got lost in thought for a moment."

Jason Wyngarde: "The food at least doesn't make you sick as far as I've found out." Jason admitted with a laugh. "I guess I made my point back home a little bit too thoroughly though. My father was especially angry with me over the whole thing but he always reacted badly to any of my illusions. I imagine you can gather just from what I've said what the opinions on me being a mutant was back home."

St. John Allerdyce: "Mmm, what do you recommend? I’m a bit peckish.” He didn’t want to say that though his parents were less than thrilled at having a pyromaniac, they hadn’t been horrible. In fact, they’d just threatened to cut him off if he burnt the house down, to which a trite summarization of not biting the hand that feeds was replied and all was the same old.

Jason Wyngarde: "The Thai pork sliders. I know this place doesn't exactly seem like it should be able to have Thai anything by the looks of it but they're pretty good. Either that or I'm strangely sentimental; that would be my first meal in New York." Jason replied, relaxing some in his seat now. He had shared, albeit vaguely, but he was sure that he was tapped with how much he could manage. It had felt strangely good but a part of Jason was still on edge about the whole idea. Still, one day he would owe Ginny and others more of the truth.
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