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 On A Pale Horse, Note: This takes place Feb. 18th
Kitty Pryde
 Posted: Mar 14 2014, 06:56 PM
Kitty Pryde
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On A Pale Horse

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Pestilence Rides
The portal opened up and she started to rise through the water, feeling it rush through her as she climbed. She could hear it rushing past her ears as she drifted up. Above her the surface was coming along with the offerings above; flowers, diyas, the people wading in along the shores. A smile crept across her face as the surface shown down on her and she came up from below. the smile widened as she witnessed what fish did come through this part of the river slow in their travels and, in a moment, let their stomachs float upwards joining the offerings in their deaths.

It had been a busy past few days but she did not feel the fatigue of her actions. That was something beneath her, something human, something weak. She would flush the world of such things. They would fall from her fevers and would die at the side of their roads surely muttering for some higher power to intervene, to be strong for them. That higher power was here but not for them, never for them. All ready her work was spreading. First she had worked her way through the water supply of Shanghai but her presence was all ready being covered up. Pride was a sin and doubly laughable when found in those who had no reason to feel it. That company serves over 12 million people and they were all ready feeling the agony that radiated from her. Then Beijing, then Tianjin, then Shenzhen were the next to feel her silent vengeance for her kind.

She rose silently out of the water, not disturbing a drop of it as she came through. It wasn't a festival day but there were still plenty of people about; locals and tourists alike hoping to be purified by the waters that were more polluted than anything. Filth, it was full of the world's filth and she would bring the purity needed.

It took some time for her to be noticed as he arrival had been silent. Soon she saw the glances of the people up and down the shore come to her as she rose higher and higher. She rose from the water perfectly dry staring perpetually forward at the horizon and she was soon higher than should be possible. Her feet skimmed the surface of the water and she walked through their filth and hope.

“Come!” The voice boomed out of her like it had never before in the previous, weak life. From her feet still standing on the water she released her gift unto the world as her contaminants spread far and fast, the sores on her skin now bursting and dripping her blood and pus into the waters below. “Come look, come behold! The white horse before you!” Her arms raised high as she addressed the crowd and, for a moment, dipped down to retrieve what was strapped to her shoulder. “She who sat on it had a bow,” It was now clutched tightly in her left hand as she looked at the shocked people now trying to gain their footing in the water all too late trying to run from the inevitable. “A crown was given to her and she went out conquering and to conquer.”

A smile cracked her face as she reached back again and crowned herself with her right. The smile grew and cracked more of her face, the pits oozing all the faster for her glee at the horrified people before her. The screams were the only thing that could hide it but it still hit the ears of those people hard and cruel. Pestilence laughed all the more as she clutched the bow and notched an arrow, letting it fly and another, and another at the weakest in the crowd, those too sick to fend for themselves, those whose family would foolishly drag them along to spread Pestilence's gift far and wide. Below her her own diseased blood mingled with the blood dripping into the waters from the shore. Many would breathe their last here, something worshipers had hoped for in their hymns would now be granted.

It was something Pestilence had to mock as words for other deities left her lips. “O Mother! ... Necklace adorning the worlds! Banner rising to heaven! I ask that I may leave of this body on your banks, Drinking your water, rolling in your waves, Remembering your name, bestowing my gaze upon you!” Pausing with her arrows her eyes scanned the emptying shores with the screaming children clinging to their mother's skirts, the tears of old men trying to give their wives the strength to move faster to save their lives for one more pathetic day. She stooped down, picking up one of the flowers floating about the surface of the river, the reddened water dripping from the petals as she admired the offering she would now take is hers. As she tucked it into her crown she left the waters now purified of the human filth, ascending into the skies as a mockery of Ganga, the skies opening and swallowing her whole.


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