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 Tortured Heart, Lizzy/Lil
Elizabeth Braddock
 Posted: Jul 22 2015, 07:16 AM
Elizabeth Braddock
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Liz listened carefully, finding it a little hard to understand herself. She’d travelled well, but her home had always been England. She had grown and been taught in such a way that she had never really considered heading abroad for education or for life. For a while though, her family had even considered a military route for her. Until the whole mutation thing anyway. If she had gone down that road, she would have been no doubt posted overseas, but until then her training would have been on home soil. After all, why leave? It was home. But then things just hadn’t worked out to be so simplistic…Not quite one of those ‘life isn’t fair’ deals, but close enough.

“I suppose I knew that coming here would be for the best. In terms of my powers, I mean. There weren’t any answers at home and I had to do something…” Even with the loss of her brother, Liz didn’t exactly regret it. If she had stayed in England, maybe things would be even worse than they were now. Maybe she’d be dead. Maybe Brian would be too. It didn’t bear thinking about and in all honestly, did her no good to compare the situations of what could have. “I’m still not sure what I really expected, although this isn’t it. Not that it’s bad, I mean. But when Professor Lehnsherr picked me up, he told me what the school could really be for. I suppose I connected with that. Learning and everything, that’s important but then knowing what I could do with that learning made it fall into place…”

“That sounds good,” she nodded as Ororo stated she would bring up the idea with the Professors. Xavier would be no doubt more amiable to the concept, although it wasn’t that she thought Lehnsherr would be disagreeable, just…more focused on other things. Understandable really. But it was true they didn’t have much to look forward to, so maybe something like this could help, if only for a couple of hours at a time as they remembered there was still a world outside of the walls of the school, the very reason they carried on with what they were doing.

[[I am really sorry this took me so long to get to. It wasn't intentional XD]]
Ororo Munroe
 Posted: Jul 26 2015, 03:34 PM
Ororo Munroe
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"What were you expecting, Lizzy?" she asked the younger mutant softly.

Of course, Ororo hadn't been privy to that conversation between Elizabeth and Erik. She didn't know what exactly the older Professor had described, or explained or even possibly promised with the young Brit upon her arrival. Her own arrival here at the University was more closely tied up with Charles than Erik. Not that she didn't hold the utmost respect for the man but if Ororo was being honest with herself, she wasn't entirely sure she would have agreed to come here and take on a staff position if Erik had been the one doing the asking.

As for celebrating their different cultures? Ororo was all for this idea for a few reasons. First of all, no matter what she said, she did miss Kenya. How could she not? It had been home for so long and the people there had, essentially, been her people. It was simply part of being their goddess. Secondly, they needed a reason to celebrate around the school, a reason to smile and laugh again. Oh, sure, she heard laughter through the halls but the overall mood for the past several months had been decidedly melancholy. Not that they didn't have sufficient reason for this but even in times of great duress, there should always be something to hope for, something to look forward to.

Besides, it was the idea of a girl whose twin brother was still missing. That reason alone should be most predominant in terms of "why". If Lizzy was looking for ways to lighten the mood, even just a bit, they should all take note of this. Ororo agreed, not quite yet but perhaps soon. It would take time to plan anyway and might be a good distraction for some of the staff and students.

"It is settled then. I shall bring it up to the Professors, as well as the rest of the staff, and we will see what we can come up with," she replied to Elizabeth with a smile on her lips.

[[And I apologize for the shortness of the reply.]]
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