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 Jean Grey, Marvel Girl
Jean Grey
 Posted: Jul 28 2015, 08:20 PM
Jean Grey
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EST; Sohpie Turner; AIM: hope.matters

Has no one told you she's not breathing?
I am your mind giving you someone to talk to

full name
Jean Grey
Marvel Girl
place of birth
Annandale-On-Hudson, New York
Known Family
Father: John Grey
Mother: Elaine Grey
Sister: Sara Grey Bailey
Brother In Law: Paul Bailey
Jean's ultimate personal goal is to continue her education and see her way through to a full Psy.D. as a Doctor of Psychology. More immediate goals would be to assist at Xavier's as much as she can with recovering the missing students and to try to figure out why her powers seems to be wonking out on her lately.
Compassionate: Jean has a big heart and it is simply in her genetic makeup to want to help others.

Studious: She is a great student, taking her studies seriously and doing her best to excel at what is placed before her. Having a professor for a father has helped shape her in this regard.

Generous: Jean is the sort of person who will give her last dollar to someone in need or her jacket to a homeless person even when it's thirty degrees out. If it's possible for her to give someone a hand up (or hand out), she will do it. Taking her into the poorer sections of any city is not a good idea.

Protective: While she is a very sweet girl, she has a vicious protective streak toward those she cares about. Hurt a member of her family and she will cease to be a sweet, loving girl and take on a more "I'm going to claw your eyes out" mentality.

Dedication: When she has a cause that she believes in (such as mutant rights), she is very dedicated to that cause. This can be a thing, a person or even an event.

Quiet corners
The outdoors
Her fellow students
20, June 2
5 Feet, 6 Inches
115 pounds
Lean and willowy
Irish American
distinguishing marks
A light smattering of freckles across her nose when she's been in the sun too long.
Telepathy: Jean has the ability to read thoughts, project her thoughts into the minds of others, telepathically mask herself and others near her from visual and some telepathic senses, telepathically shield her mind from those around her, create telepathic illusions, control the thoughts and actions of others, telepathically erase memories from the minds of others, sedate another person telepathically, set up pain blockers in her mind and the minds of others so that they are not aware they are in pain, mentally connect her mind with others so she can see and feel what they are seeing and feeling, project psychic blasts which affect the mind, not the body, move her mind and the minds of others to the astral plane where she can create psionic images and can travel vast distances, detect when others are around her unless they are telepathically cloaked.

Telekinesis: With this psychokinetic energy, Jean is able to move objects and living beings without touching them, lift herself in the air as if she is flying, generate force blasts, create shields and heat molecules around her.

Empathy: A subset of telepathy, empathy allows Jean to sense emotions in others around her and manipulate those emotions so that she can calm or incite someone else.

other skills/abilities
As a telepath, she can learn other languages very easily, picking up words/phrases from the mind(s) of those around her.
Her number one fear is losing control of her powers. The mind is a very powerful thing and she has to keep such tight control over it lest she find herself lurking in places she really doesn't wish to be lurking.
For the last few months, her powers have been acting...strangely. Not wanting to bother Professor Xavier while he attempts to not only run his school but deal with missing students, she has not confided in him at this time that something seem off.
Not a strong physical fighter: take away her powers and she is no stronger than any other woman her age.

Compassionate: As much as this is a strength, it's also a weakness. She can be compassionate to the wrong person/people.

Reaction headaches: When she overuses her powers, she gets severe headaches. Usually they require a dark room, quiet, pain meds and sleep.

Insecurity: Jean lacks a definite confidence in herself and her abilities. When it comes to something like school, she's perfectly fine but the scope and breadth of her powers actually frighten her to some degree and she does find herself holding back. Because of this, she isn't nearly as powerful as she is capable of being.

Trusting: In matters outside the classroom, Jean leads with her heart. This can set her up for heartbreak in terms of relationships, friendships and enemies. Only the truly cut and dry evil (Apocalypse and Sinister would fit this category) are negated from this trusting nature.

Reaction headaches
Closed minded people
Students going missing
Unhealthy habits

Jean was born the younger of two daughters to Professor John and Elaine Grey. Growing up in the small town of Annandale-On-Hudson, New York, she had a very happy and quite ordinary childhood. That is, until she was ten years old and her best friend, Annie, was struck by a car and died in Jean's arms. At that moment, Jean's telepathic abilities emerged and her mind linked with Annie's, causing her to feel Annie's death. This left Jean traumatized and the happy, energetic girl grew withdrawn and sullen, shying away from everyone and everything she had once loved.

Her concerned parents took her to see therapists and specialists, had psychiatric evaluations done and even considered admitting her for testing. It was during this time that Charles Xavier caught wind of this young girl and her plight. Sitting in on a session with a colleague, he observed Jean and realized what had happened to cause her catatonic state. He approached her parents and explained to them that their daughter had an extraordinary gift and that he was able to help her with that gift, if they would allow him.

Relieved that they finally had some answers, although not entirely sure what she was capable of, they allowed Xavier to treat Jean. He built walls in her mind, blocking her from using her telepathy until her body and mind were more capable of handling it. She began improving immediately and soon, was the girl that she had been before the accident. Xavier continued to see Jean on a regular basis as her therapist and it would be a few more years before her mutant powers emerged permanently.

At thirteen, Jean began to show signs of being a telekinetic and at fifteen, her mind accepted her telepathy. All the while, Charles continued to work with her, teaching her how to shield and block the thoughts of others out of her mind and how to utilize her telekinetic abilities. She helped him to calibrate his first versions of Cerebro and was able to experience what it was like to have the machine enhancing her abilities. By the time she graduated high school, Jean had a good handle on her powers and went off to New York University ready to take on this new challenge in her life.

With her telepathic abilities, she excelled in college and surpassed nearly everyone in her class, earning high praise from professors and administrators alike. Jean has spent the last three years taking a huge number of classes to try and graduate early with a BS in Psychology. She only has a few more credit hours to finish before that first degree is in her hands and she plans on graduating after the next fall semester. In the meantime, she has finished her Junior year and decided to move to the Xavier University instead of going home. Jean has claimed that she wishes to help out Professor Xavier's students with the crisis that is going on but the real reason is that she has lost her confidence in her abilities and once more is seeking out his help.

Jean is a compassionate woman whose love and affection to those she cares about runs very deep. She would love to be able to save everyone, whether from themselves or those who wish to harm them and while she realizes this is incredibly unrealistic, she still tries. No one has ever been deemed too far beyond redemption in her eyes and it is sure to cause some friction with those who are more...cynical in nature. She believes that forgiveness is healing and to hold a grudge is unhealthy.

She thrives on routine. Waking up at the same time every day, she sets forth a pattern that allows others to know pretty much where she's going to be at any given moment. While not exactly welcomed, breaks in routine are met with grace and poise. At least outwardly. Jean rarely shows any negative emotions unless she is highly stressed or agitated. The best way to get her to unleash her temper is to threaten those she cares about.

Then there is the fear. It isn't debilitating by any means but if left unchecked, it certainly could be. She does enjoy her abilities as a psychokinetic but there are times, especially lately, where she very...overwhelmed by her powers. Thoughts are beginning to leak past her shields, no matter how tightly she holds on to them. She has been misgauging her telekinesis, making the sorts of mistakes that she made when she was fifteen. Jean thought at first that she was simply overworked given her tendency to take on a lot of classes at once so she spent the winter semester dropping down to a more normal course load and things are not improving. In fact, they are getting worse and now instead of graduating this spring, it has been put off until after the fall semester. She hopes that by coming back to her first tutor and mentor, Charles Xavier, they can discover why her powers seem out of sorts lately and she can return to NYU in the fall to finish up her degree.

At least, that is the plan for the moment...

 Posted: Jul 30 2015, 08:44 AM
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Now I wish I had a song in mind to welcome Jean in as I did Bobby. Either way, welcome to Jean, looking forward to having her and excellent job, Hope!

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