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 Everyday I'm Shufflin', AU Jason & Cecilia (with zombies!)
Cecilia Reyes
 Posted: Oct 13 2014, 12:02 AM
Cecilia Reyes
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Some months after the outbreak...
Middle-of-Nowhere, Michigan

<Cecilia> Cecilia eyed the small drugstore on the corner of a small ass town in the southern part of Michigan, debating whether not it was worth the risk going inside, there were signs that a group - a living group of people - had made camp in this town recently so there was a chance that she could run into some survivors which she knew nothing about and might be hostile.

<Cecilia> However…there might be medicine in there and that was too good of an opportunity to pass up. So, carefully, after scoping out the store for a few hours and making relatively sure that there was nobody holed up in there she stepped inside the store, boots crunching the broken glass scattered across the floor as she crept along the wall. Machete by her side and held at the ready.

<Jason> Jason had been invisible for as long as this whole ordeal had begun and he had all ready lost track of how many days that had actually been.  It had been working decently though since it allowed him to pilfer food here and there and he didn't draw attention but he knew full well he wasn't going to be able to keep this up forever.  Ironwood was not a place he considered safe for him even before the dead came into play and now he was needing to get away somehow.  

<Jason> The problem was getting enough supplies gathered in one place and also getting a car but today was meant to be the day until he got distracted by a face he did not know.  That was almost as shocking as the dead rising. So he kept to his invisibility, stalking across the street to see what it was this person was doing.  Who knew?  Maybe they had a car that would be a decent choice for him.

<Cecilia> Oh there was definitely a zombie in here...she could tell 'cause it was making that godawful noise that sounded like something caught began a snarl and a gasp for breath. It was this and not the smell or even the looks of the undead that drove Cecilia batshit insane.

<Cecilia> Peeking around the corner she spotted it, standing in the corner with its back to her and swaying back and forth on the spot like some macabre marionette...at least it was until she drove a forcefield spike right through its head from several feet away. "Shut the fuck up."

<Jason> Well…that changed Jason's game plan a good deal.  She hadn't even touched him yet there was a zombie taken down and that could only mean one thing; she was a mutant just like him.  "This isn't good territory for mutants. I wouldn't suggest you stay long."

<Cecilia> Cecilia turned sharply raising the machete and summoning a shield around her entire body as she did...except no-one was there. Fuck, was she actually going insane? In the past she'd wondered if she was losing it after all the horrible shit that'd happened to her and the things she'd witnessed but she'd never actually heard things that weren't there before - until now. "Hell no, I'm not talking to a voice in my head. Once that shit begins there's no stopping it. Go away and leave me alone!"

<Jason> "How exactly would a voice in your head be warning you about a danger you don't have enough information to know about?"  Jason asked, snorting somewhat and, after a through glance around to make sure nobody else had any sight on the place besides him and her, dropped his illusion after stepping into the shop.  "So you need to calm your tits there...so is that some kind of shielding?  Can you cut through it or is the machete just up for show?"

<Cecilia> "SON OF A BITCH!" Cecilia screamed, jumping back into the shelving and scattering boxes in every direction as a young man appeared out of fucking nowhere. Extending several needle like spikes towards him but stopping just before she managed to piece his skin. "Where the hell did you come from? How did you make it sound like you were right next to me?!"

<Jason> "…You know, when I give advice it helps not to have the threat of being stabbed hanging over me, yes?"  It wasn't right to be flippant right now.  She was obviously jumpy and at least she hadn't completely pulled the trigger so to speak but it did make Jason step back to give himself some space from the threat of being a pin-cushion.  "And you need to keep your voice down, you don't want zombies or the people here to see you.  It's pretty obvious you're not a local, I don't know you and you're not exactly pasty enough.  I've been trailing you since you were at the grocery parking lot and I'm an illusionist."

<Cecilia> Cecilia didn't dismiss the spikes or the armour but she did lower the machete and relaxed her shoulders a little when the guy didn't appear to be an imminent threat. "Other people? So it's not just you that's hiding out here. How many are there?"

<Jason> "It's a large group, a hundred or so, held up on the other side of town barricaded in with all of the supplies the could manage to cram into the buildings there.  If you step outside you can see the steeple from the church they operate from."

<Cecilia> "Did they send you here?"

<Jason> She wasn't the greatest at context clues, was she?  Jason just shook his head.  "No, I'm not welcome in the group.  Like I said, they're not the biggest fans of mutants.  If they find you they'll put a bullet through your head just like anyone would a zombie."

<Cecilia> "You seem just fine," Cecilia remarked, not so sure what to make of all this and not having the time or mental capacity when she was this stressed to pick apart every tiny detail presented to her. All she was interested in was answers to whatever questions she had. "Have you been hiding from them this whole time or did they just decide you're too much trouble to bother with?"

<Jason> "I've been hiding most of the time, I managed to get out when I was discovered and I have an advantage over you of invisibility.  If someone sees you knife a zombie in your fashion you don't have the same stealth."

<Cecilia> Cecilia shrugged a little. "No, but it's not likely a normal human would survive a fight with me. Even if they had knives or guns."

<Jason> "You have to sleep sometime. Can you shield yourself in your sleep? I can't illusion myself when I do.  Which is why I intend to get the hell out of here."

<Cecilia> Did she really wanna tell a complete stranger all her weaknesses? Not really, so instead she ignored the question and went straight to the next order of business. "Well, I guess that I better get outta here as well. Mind telling me which way the hill folk are so I don't run into 'em on my way out?"

<Jason> "Just don't head towards the church and you'll be fine."  Jason replied, pointing the direction said church was.  "So where is it you intend to get to, then?"

<Cecilia> Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Why do you wanna know?"

<Jason> "Advice for myself when I finally do have the resources to head out.  I don't know much that's beyond this point so if there's a place that's definitely better to head towards I'd appreciate it."

<Cecilia> Cecilia considered this for a moment. "Everyone on the road is going somewhere that there's supposedly less zombies. Some will tell you that there's hardly any in Alaska 'cause the cold slows 'em down, others say that Georgia is doing alright 'cause the CDC's located there, some think Texas is alright with all the guns the folks had there. Me? I don't think that there's a place that's better or worse than anywhere else. Pretty much everywhere is a piece of shit."

<Cecilia> "I'm just travelling 'round from place to place and if I find somewhere decent I'll stop there but I'm not getting my hopes up," she said, completely lowering the machete now and retracting the spikes but still keeping the shields up. "Only advice I can give you is don't go into major cities or places where a lotta people used to gather. I came outta the Bronx...and hardly anyone survived that clusterfuck."

<Jason> "Oh I intend to aim for deserted, I just need to be able to get supplies in and out of deserted."  Jason laughed at the idea of going to any overly populated places.  "North does have that benefit if you go towards the rural places but south from here would lead to better food options for yourself as well...anyway, I suppose then I'll leave you to your raiding.  Any advice on where to get some defensible wheels?"

<Cecilia> "I dunno, wherever there's a bunch of cars if you know how to hotwire 'em. Pretty sure there's a bunch still in the lots of dealerships. I got mine off a dead person though so I can't help you there." Her uncle could've gotten a car running anywhere if he were still alive...Cecilia felt her throat get a little tight. "Right, well...I guess I'll get going. Thanks for the warning."

<Jason> "I don't suppose, then I can get a lift to the next town over?  The people here hoarded the cars in case they needed an exit and, while I don't doubt my skills at breaking in, I also don't doubt their ability to kill me."

<Cecilia> Cecilia wanted to say 'no' but guilt quickly kicked in. "...Fuck it. Sure, why not? I could use an extra pair of eyes and ears. Just don't pull any kinda bullshit while we're on the road. If you do then I'll rip you a new one so goddamn fast you'll wish you died as a child, got it?"

<Jason>"You'll know where I'll be sitting, I have more sense than that, thank you.  I'll give you directions to my stockpile once we're in the car, yeah?"

<Cecilia> "Sounds good," she said, dropping her shields and shouldering her backpack so that it sat a little more firmly on her shoulders. "My car's parked over at the grocery store...which you already know since you followed me from there."

<Jason> "For the record, I'm quite glad it went like this.  I don't have to steal your car and we both get out of here.  Thank you for being reasonable and not stabbing me then."  Jason paused though.  "What should I call you?"

<Cecilia> "Great, that's just wonderful....way to inspire trust, man." She sighed irritably and looked up at him with a guarded expression. "Cecilia, what's your name?"

<Jason> "I figure honesty is the best under the circumstances.  It's better than you thinking I was watching you for some other reason, doesn't it?  Jason, we'll stick with Jason."

<Cecilia> "…I like that name," Cecilia said, turning and heading outside for a moment of staring at him. "It makes me think of Jason and the Argonauts."

<Jason> "Well..." Jason snorted, wondering if this was a good idea.  Honestly, did it matter if it was a good idea or not?  He was going to die sooner or later and it made sense to make the gamble right now because like hell he was going to let himself die here of all places and not take the chance of getting out.  "I'm afraid I've got no golden fleece in my stockpile but hopefully it'll be enough."

<Cecilia> "If you got even a roll of toilet paper then I'd consider that a good haul."

<Jason> "In that case you should be quite happy."  Jason said, deciding to step on out and lead the way.  It surely showed good faith to offer her his back this early in their arrangement.

<Cecilia> "I'm never happy," Cecilia said, almost comically sour.

<Jason> "Then this is going to be quite the interesting road trip because neither am I."

<Cecilia> "I have a feeling this is beginning of a beautiful friendship..."

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